Elan Vital Media | Meet Our Staff!
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Our Staff

is comprised of some absolutely amazing artists, some of which are behind the camera, some of which are in front, some of which do both!


Karla Elizabeth of Shutter Photography Studios in Oak Harbor, Washington, USA

Steve Meier of Steve Meier Photography in North Hollywood, California, USA

Emily McCall of McCall Photography in Austin, Texas, USA

Hal Masover of Philip M. Photography in Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Mark Young of M.Y. Photography based out of Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Robbie Suhr of the CR Organization in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

Rick Blue of Rick Blue Photography, based out of Enterprise, Alabama, USA

Ericka of Ericka LC Photography in Schenectady, New York, USA

Dyschel Shelton of Legacy Everlasting Photography in Vestal, New York, USA

Mike Row of Arrow Photography London in London, United Kingdom

Kort-Bec of KBG Photography in Perth, Australia


Terry Kahala out of El Paso, Texas, USA

Mercedes Icenogle out of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tori Nikitin out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Jeffrey Thomas of Jeffrey the Photographer in Austin, Texas, USA

Colt Dickerson of Phoenix 45 Foto in El Paso, Texas, USA