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For Elan Vital Magazine Submissions, stay on this page! For Exclusiv submissions, click here


All submissions in any category will be paid when, and if, they are published based on the guidelines at the bottom of this page. Payments are directly told and coordinated to each individual submitter. All submissions must be submitted by the copyright owner, or have proof of permission from the copyright holder. All submissions must include credits, social media links, website links (as applicable). All submissions submitting videos should use vimeo or youtube and should (preferrably) be in HD. All submissions MUST follow the guidelines. All submissions need to be sent using our form at the bottom of the page! 

Creative Writing – Life lessons. Space battles. Gory endings. Happy endings. Excerpts from your own books. Send it all! If we think it sounds awesome, more than likely, it’ll get posted on the site for the rest of the internet to read!
Poetry – To rhyme or not to rhyme? Do you have some breathtaking and awe-inspiring poetry? Send it in to us! Don’t forget to send in a headshot of you or the poet! 
Artist Coverage – Know a local or semi-famous artist you think everyone should know about? Get some photos of them and their work, send us the info and we’ll get it up online! Must include 8-10 images of the artist!
Music Coverage – Went to a concert and got some amazing pictures and heard some awesome music? Covered a new talent’s interview? Submit your work to us so we can let the rest of the world know about it! Who doesn’t like good tunes? 10-14 images required plus the article. 
Pictorials – Have an amazing set of shots taken by you or by an amazing photographer and team? Pictorial submissions should be 10-14 photos of the same and/or similar style and set. We are currently not accepting submissions with models under the age of 18.
Editorials – Submit between 8-12 photos along with between 400+ words of content. This can be a story, event coverage, interviews, etc. We are currently not accepting submissions with models under the age of 18.
Tutorials – Are you a SME in your field or do you have advice that you want to share to the rest of the world? Send us what you got and let’s get it up on the interwebs.
Reviews – Do you have new photography gear or products that you are trying out and want to host your review? Great! Send in the review to us with as much detailed information about the product and your response.
News in Photography – This could include anything from Capitol Hill, to local information in a specific region, new gear rumors, gear reviews, upcoming events, etc. Photos and/or interviews are not required, but the more information, the better.
Pictorials – same as above
Editorials – same as above
Interviews – Interviews should be with people within the modeling and/or photography community. Interviews should be in depth and pertinent to the field the interviewee represents. Photos should accompany the interview.
Event Coverage – Events should be focused towards the modeling industry. There should be written content providing the who, what, when, where, how long, results, etc. Photos should accompany the article. EXAMPLE: If the event is a convention (cosplay), then the photos submitted should be a few of the characters at the convention and should be posing/modeling for the camera for the most part. There can also be some crowd photos but not many. The article accompanying the photo set should include pertinent information about the convention, big names there, some interviews of guests and special guests, fans, companies/vendors present, along with the story of the event itself.

By submitting, you are stating that you have permission/authorizations and all clearances to submit items to Elan Vital Magazine (online and print) and all of our media partners/collaborators for media distribution. We, including our media partners/collaborators, are held blameless for any and all disputes which arise out of your submissions, read or unread. Elan Vital Magazine is not responsible for any cost associated with the production of your submission. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to send out complimentary DIGITAL issues your work is featured in.  Photography/Video Submissions: By allowing Elan Vital Magazine to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos, social media, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination of Elan Vital Magazine content.

During the selections process, you agree to keep your submissions private until notified by Elan Vital Magazine if you have been accepted or not. This process normally does not take longer than 60 days. Any set submitted that is shown to have been publicly placed online anywhere, or published in a different publication, will automatically be rejected with no notice. We understand artists get excited about the work they’ve created, so we ask that if you post teasers of a set you are submitting, do not include those with your submission.

Photos should be minimum of 300dpi. (we know, it’s a debated thing, but that’s what the printer/publisher requires)
All photos in portrait orientation should be full page (8.5in x 11in) and all in landscape orientation should be double page (11in x 17in). Anything that is the focus should be within the confines of the bleed space area (8×10.5 and 10.5×16.5 respectively).
Photos should be a maximum of 96dpi.
All photos need to have the left edge at 1500 pixels.
All submissions are allowed with the exception of anything directly perceived as sexually explicit (no sexual acts, alone or otherwise, are permitted). Nudity is acceptable. This includes bodypaint, creative art nudes, implieds, etc.
We are looking more for quality of submission. Each issue is meant to show the viewer creativity, offer inspiration, and display excellence in art, photography, modeling, and everything that goes into a shoot. Elan Vital will only publish 4 to 5 submissions (pictorials/editorials) each issue of the magazine. This does not mean that you will never get published, so please, re-submit constantly. Submissions for the publication are due no later than the 15th of each month. The submitter will be notified if it has been selected for feature. Due to our small staff, we will strive to notify you if you have not been selected, but make no guarantees to do so. If you do not hear from us, and you’d like feedback, we can gladly provide it, if you request it.

While the magazine/website does not have a particular style, we do require that submissions are in the form of sets of the same theme/genre of the month you are submitting for. When submitting, please ensure you are submitting the required amount of photos of the same theme.

Do not submit 3-4 images of one outfit, and then another 3-4 photos of a different outfit, or 12 different photos, unless those 12 different photos are of the same theme/genre and typically part of a larger, on-going project, or series. Ensure each set is edited in the same manner for each image in the submission.

No submission should be watermarked.

No submission should leave out full credits list, this includes all available social media links, names of those involved (stage names are fine but real names need to be on file), and all positions, i.e., makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe designer, etc.

Good submissions should follow the above guidelines from this page as well as depict a variety of posing (if modeling/portraiture) as well as different angles.

We place priority on submissions that include an article (editorial).

Please include a title for your submission.

Do not “share” folders with us on Dropbox, just send a link if you are following up with email. The form below is the BEST method – Copy the link to the dropbox folder and paste into the spot on the form where it asks for it by clicking in the box and using CTRL+V on the keyboard for paste.


If you have published your set to ANY social media – that is NOT an exclusive set. If the link to your submission is your facebook/instagram/etc portfolio – that is NOT a submission.

READ THE GUIDELINES. READ THE GUIDELINES. READ THE GUIDELINES. We cannot actually stress that enough – hopefully the red font makes it stand out more. 

2018 EVM THEMES (Vol 2 starting APR 2018)

(yes, each issue for Volume 2 will have a theme – this does not mean you have to shoot a specific style, i.e. you can submit a bodypaint feature if it matches the theme of the month, or avant garde, or fashion, etc.)

APRIL 2018 – GIRL NEXT DOOR – a showcase of upcoming models and photographers – this issue will publish features focusing on new and upcoming models and photographers from all over the globe. If you’ve never been published, have only been modeling or photographing a short time, submit to this issue. Submissions may include a variety of images from your portfolio, but please ensure they are above par quality. Minimum number of photos is 6, max of 12, and please include a bio of the model/photographer, no less than 200 words and no more than 300.

MAY 2018 – TRAINS, PLANES, AND AUTOS – Absolutely, we’ve had so many submissions with some epic vehicular modes of transportation that we figured why not do a full issue on it? Posed with a bike, car, plane, tank, hovercraft, helo, one of those things new age kids are rolling on that they think are hoverboards but actually touch the ground? Send it in. Make sure to include a write-up of why your submission is special, include details of perhaps how it came to be that you were able to shoot with such a wonderful mode of transportation. Submission must meet minimum guidelines above, same set/vehicle. Have a few different sets with different vehicles? Great! Send them in as different sets! 🙂

JUNE 2018 – SUMMER VIBES – now that summer is here, the set submitted needs to give a summer feel, also be of the same shoot – not multiple wardrobes – should probably (not necessary of course, every artist portrays summer differently) be with sunlight/natural lighting – have some vibrant colors – should also include a short 300 word max of what summer means to you!

JULY 2018 – PATRIOTIC AS FUCK! Seriously, so for Volume Deuce, we are opening our July issue with nothing but patriotic dedications, themes, etc. We will have a standalone, Veteran-only Issue releasing in July as well (see below for special editions). But the regular issue is open to one and all. Show us boom-boom sticks, your nation’s flags, and what being a free motherfucker means to artists! Note – not just for American’s, we have a lot of allies that do immaculate jobs as well, so show us pride in your nation and send in your submissions!

AUGUST 2018 – COSPLAY, SCI-FI – did someone ask if there’s a doctor in the house? Well, whoever said it, we’re sticking to our guns as this is is our cosplay issue and will be recurring with a different cosplay theme each year – this year is sci-fi cosplays – Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Eureka, Aliens, Predator, anything sci-fi or related to sci-fi, send it in. Must be the same cosplay and same photographer. Remember – make it epic! We understand the meaning behind cosplay but we want to publish the best of the best! 🙂

SEPTEMBER 2018 – TIED/TAPED/GAGGED – Love Shibari? Like being wrapped in tape, rope, chains, cuffs? This issue is for YOU and everyone that wants to see it! Sets must still meet the basic guidelines, include ALL credits, and MUST include a brief write-up about the set, how long it took, how long the rope artist has been doing it, etc. We want to know and so do our readers! Much love, and hopefully you’re not too tied up to click the submit button!

OCTOBER 2018 – ALL HALLOW’S EVE – Instead of making it a special issue, it’s going to be a regular themed issue! We had over 40 submissions to crunch through in a couple days last year, so if this is your time of year to dress it up and be a complete creepy ghoul, or a super slutty vampire, this issue is for you.

NOVEMBER 2018 – DEDICATION TO A CAUSE – Creative and Cause Awareness. While this will be a hard selection panel as we don’t want to appear as if we’re choosing causes, this is the month if you’re doing a photoshoot for a cause at all that you would like to bring awareness to from a creative perspective, this is the issue to submit for, whether it’s PTSD, Cancer of any type, LGBTQ+, Saving wildlife, etc, we will still be basing selections off quality of images and modeling, not the cause itself. Please include a write-up of what the cause is about, your favorite and/or recommended charity to contribute to, and of course, all the credits!

DECEMBER 2018 – ANTI-HOLIDAY – got a holiday theme but hate the holidays? Mix it up. Let’s get creative and go against the grain. The Elve’s are on strike! Say fuck off to the jolly fat man, do something non-traditional for the holidays! You can still include the tree if you want though, we just figured this would be more interesting!

JANUARY 2019 – RESOLUTIONS. Show us fitness modeling, goals – do your dream shoot, who you want to win your sports championship, just be sure to include a story about the resolution and why you’re going to get it done this year!

FEBRUARY 2019 – SWIMSUIT – Remember Summer? It feels like it was sooooo long ago! Well, this is our Swimsuit Issue month. So if you like to wear swimsuits for modeling, hold out an exclusive set to submit for this issue. Seriously. We’ve had a lot of them over 2017, figured every other magazine has a swimsuit issue, why not us, right? If it’s popular enough, we may keep it around or make it a special issue in Volume 3! Please include a bio of each model. Sets submitted may have more than one swimsuit, but please try have a minimum of 4 images of each suit, not to exceed 16 total images.

MARCH 2019 – END OF THE WORLD – It’s the end of Volume Deuce! OH NOOOOO, it’s the end! Show us some of those badass apocalypse photoshoots y’all have been working on, maybe include a short story on how the world ends, or do some shoots showing how life after the apocalypse will be – creatively of course! Does everyone walk around naked, or do people have deformities and are cast away from the rest of the population? C’mon, we all watch Hollywood, how do you think it will be? Submissions must include a short story, not to exceed 600 words of how the world is going to end – make it interesting, and make sure it goes along with the photoshoot!


VETERANS ONLY (JULY 2018)! This issue is for submitters that are veterans of a military service around the globe. It doesn’t matter the country, the job isn’t for everybody and we want to feature nothing but veteran artists for this issue. The SUBMITTER is the only one that needs to be the veteran – meaning that if it’s the makeup artist, the photographer needs to give them permission to submit for consideration. Everyone still gets proper credits. Theme is OPEN Category, meaning no set theme for the issue. Be sure to include a brief bio of what you did in the military, remember OPSEC, and when you went in and when you got out, maybe include why you started doing the artform you do currently, and how long you’ve been doing it. 🙂

MODEL OF 2018 (MARCH 2019)! This issue is all about the models that grace our website, social media, and in between the covers. A contest will be started in January with the contestants. We’ll announce the winners and we will feature them in their very own issue! Models that win will need to be made available for interviews, and have an EXCLUSIVE set ready for their feature. Details about this will be updated as it gets closer on our Facebook and Instagram page. (oh, the overall winner gets the cover, a bonus prize, and all the featured winners also get a cash prize!) You do not have to submit separately for this, as we will be using a single image from a set previously submitted throughout 2018. This includes any models that were published in anything from January, February, and March in Volume 1 – including the calendars.

Purchase any article from our apparel options here on the store with our name or logo on it.
Do a photoshoot (or 2, 3, 4 photoshoots) with the apparel being worn.
Submit a complete set following the guidelines and using the form below and you’ll be entered into the calendar competition. (each shoot should be the same article of apparel – meaning don’t submit one set with 2 photos of one shirt, a photo of a EVM swimsuit, 4 photos of you wearing the hat and that’s it).
Once you’ve submitted the set, post a photo on your social media (FB, IG, Twitter) and TAG us (@elanvitalmag) on the photo and let the world know you submitted!
The top 14 sets will be featured on the website in November and an unseen image from each of those sets will be in our EVM 2019 Calendar. Another exclusive image from each set will be made into limited quantity wall art pieces.
Our top pick out of those 14 will be an additional set featured in our 2018 Models of the Year Issue and only a small portion of that set will be on the website in November.

All submissions should use our form here on the website, with a follow-up email to bonjour@elanvital.media (this is so if we email you, it doesn’t automatically go to spam)!

Submit your work!

Complete this form and press the 'Publish Me!' button to send in your submission!




Magazine Payouts are a commission based payout and they earn 4% profits generated from the sale of the issue they are published in, in a single payment, being within 30 business days following the month of the release. For example, if your work is published in June, your payout period would be based on all sales earned between June 20-June 30 and you would receive funds typically between 10-20 business days after the first business day in July. Some platforms have longer payout times (up to 90 days after publication), and in those cases, any sales made on those platforms will be retroactively applied during the time period earned (Date of release to end of the month the issue is released in).


Elan Vital Magazine features 5 external submissions each month in the magazine and up to 4 external submissions for the website. This is in addition to any of our staff features and internally produced work.
Selections are based on quality of photography and quality of the modeling, mixed with quality of makeup and wardrobe as well as articles turned in.

*****NOTE: We will currently not be paying contributors for website features. While this saddens us deeply and we are regretful in doing so as it goes against our creed, we are unable to make enough profit from magazine sales to do so any longer. Once we begin having advertisements on the website (very few, as we don’t want to be one of “those” sites, we will be able to go back to paying website contributors).