Elan Vital Media | Launch Feature: Musician Spotlight – Belle Folie, Sonic Artist – Australia
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Launch Feature: Musician Spotlight – Belle Folie, Sonic Artist – Australia

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The Editor

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing sonic artist, Belle Folie. Her voice, even not singing, is how I imagine an angel would sound if whispering.

Coming out of Australia, she has already been gathering support worlwide in her genre of music, which there is a link below to listen to her newest hit “Dolly”, through Bandcamp, which all proceeds will be sent to a domestic violence shelter in Victoria, Australia.

Belle Folie is synonymous with the words authentic, rebel, passionate, and beauty. When you think of a typical musician, you think of large concerts, money,  record labels, chasing a dream, but maybe changing the dream once they become famous. After speaking to Belle, I’ve decided to tell her story of who she is, and not what she is. And I’ll let you, the reader, decide if you think she’s truly genuine in her quest for awareness and in her passion for creating mind-blowing songs from scratch.

When Belle was younger, she had a support system for getting into the arts, music specifically. By the age of 12, she had already been well versed on a multitude of different instruments and was supported in her journey by her parents. During her 16th year, she decided she would try to go to one of the top art schools in her area, and she pushed constantly for it, and eventually, the school director decided to award her the first scholarship to attend the school in its history. That takes determination, dedication, and passion. She began changing the world.

During her time through school and shortly after completing her education, she struggled more as a woman in a male dominated industry, was constantly berated and belittled, sexually harassed and assaulted, not given credit for her work, and even had work stolen from her and claimed by others. After that point, she decided to become an independent artist and not work directly for labels. Her resilience is beyond astounding.

In the world of music, Belle prefers to be called a sonic artist. To her, she classifies it as having such an in-depth connection to the music she’s producing at every step, from the individual chords being placed, to the lyrics, to various equipment and instruments she is using, that it’s more that just producing a song; it’s producing the art of sound. Her art should be appreciated as much as any other art is, and she leaves her music open to interpretation by anyone that listens to it. That way, everyone that listens can have a place to escape their entire world. A place to find pure peace.

Belle’s intensity in her mission to bring awareness of the domestic violence in the world through her music is very refreshing. It’s rare in the world of famous and even upcoming artists that there’s so much passion and drive for a specific cause. Having been through it, she feels that more should be done to combat it. Her work speaks for it. And it sounds like what I would imagine to be a place of peace. It’s a refreshing sound coming from the speakers. Her art is moving, in a way only you would be able to describe.

We spoke a bit about her future plans and goals for 2017. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far. I have a feeling she’ll be doing more though.
Considering herself a rebel with a cause, she’ll be remaining on the independent scene and working on an EP or an album to be put out towards the end of this year or beginning of next. So far, the title in progress is “Invisible Bride”, which is along the lines of spiritual and ethereal connections, female empowerment, and how people relate to each other. She definitely wants to tell stories through her music, so you can bet it’s going to be more inspiring than most music you listen to. She’ll also be planning on travelling a bit, and possibly visiting the United States to see some friends and maybe (strong maybe) perform on the West Coast somewhere. Her birthday is in July so she will be celebrating that in addition to creating her majestic sounds and producing compositions for a short indie film there in Australia.

It sounds like she has a busy year so far. So I say, listen to her song linked below, “Dolly”, donate whatever you think you should so that way her goal for supporting the domestic violence shelter in Victoria can happen and let’s help her get the message out. Not only about domestic violence, but who she is – a sonic artist.

Check out her latest release! Everything goes to support a domestic violence shelter in Victoria, Australia!

“Dolly” by Belle Folie

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