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The Band Perry at the Mississippi Bi-Centennial Celebration

Mississippi Bi-Centennial

by Judy Smith

Turning 200 years old is more than enough receive to celebrate, especially considering that Mississippi’s 100th birthday celebration was interrupted by World War I. On April 1, 2017, the Mississippi Gulf Coast put on a celebration to match no other and had one of its very own highly-acclaimed groups come join the party. The Band Perry, the multi-Grammy winning siblings of Kimberly, Reid, and Neil, were honored to come perform and help celebrate this monumental occasion.

“I can’t tell you what it means to us to be asked to perform at this wonderful celebration and come back to our home state that we love so dearly,” Kimberly Perry, the oldest sibling said during the show.

In the past year, The Band Perry has gone through several changes. Gone are the big hair that they were well known for and also gone was Kimberly’s legendary golden locks. The Band Perry sported a darker style, wearing all black clothing, darker hair, and Kimberly’s curly blond hair was now straight, black and reached to her waist. Although their look was drastically different, what didn’t change was their stellar performance on stage.

Emerging from the shadows and smoke, The Band Perry began with one of their most popular hits, “Better Dig Two.” The siblings were met with a roar of approval from their fellow Mississippians in the crowd. It seemed as if the band played all of their most popular tunes from “All Your Life,” “Postcard from Paris,” “Chainsaw,” to “Hip to my Heart,” “Gentle on My Mind,” “You Lie,” and many more. Their always upbeat, high-energy show kept the crowd jumping and dancing all night as the band did some popular cover songs such as “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Bringing Sexy Back.”

After Kimberly told the crowd that they were working on their third album, she asked the crowd if they minded if they tried out a few of their latest tunes on them. Of course, the answer was a resounding “yes,” and the band received a very positive responsive to “Live Forever,” which was the United States theme song in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio; “Comeback Kid;” and “Stay in the Dark.” It seems that The Band Perry fans love the new songs as much as they do their classic hits. The band ended the show with their legendary hit, “If I Die Young,” and were touched when the crowd loudly, but beautifully sang along. At one moment, the band stopped singing to take in the beautiful voices singing back to them the well-known words of one of their greatest hits.

After leaving the show, the crowd wasn’t quite ready for The Band Perry to leave just yet, and kept clapping and screaming until the band took the stage for an encore. Appropriately, they performed their very upbeat and fun song “Done” from their Pioneer album and got the crowd to jump along with them. As always, The Band Perry put on an another amazing performance and kept the energy level high all night long.

Very appropriately to honor such a great show and to end a very important celebration, the skies over the Gulf of Mexico were filled with beautiful fireworks that were shot from the beaches in Gulfport. It was a stunning vision as the American flag waved in front of the beautiful firework display.

Despite their different look, their wonderful, high-energy show and great music are the same. If you’ve never seen The Band Perry, I highly recommend that you do. Catch them on their Bad Imagination tour as they promote their third album that is yet to be released. For more information on the band and their tour dates, visit: https://www.thebandperry.com/

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