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21 Reasons to get a copy of Elan Vital Magazine
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Opinion: 21 reasons to get a copy of Elan Vital Magazine


21 reasons why you should buy Elan Vital Magazine:

1. you want to. why wouldn’t you want to?

2. we want you to. duh. we’re honest.

3. you work somewhere that there’s a waiting room and an art magazine would be appropriate. Fire station, barracks, photography studio, recording studio, upscale hotel, art gallery, yoga studio, your living room when you want to impress guests and be cultured. who doesn’t like to be cultured? who’s always tired of reading about stuff in waiting rooms you don’t understand?

4. by getting a copy, digital or print, you’re supporting the artists that made it possible. Their pay is solely based on how many issues we are able to sell. If you really support the arts and want to #makeartgreatagain, it starts with helping artists get paid for their work sooner rather than later.

5. you support veterans. Did you know the founders of the magazine are vets? Did you know we’re doing a veterans only edition, releasing July 20th? Yes, that’s right. Only veteran artists will be selected from the submissions we receive for the July issue. Whether it’s makeup, hair, modeling, photography, musicians, writers, etc. This includes the website.

6. if you don’t, the terrorists win. they hate art. fuck terrorists.

7. you’re helping support a small business – ‘Merica

8. you’re a fan of someone being published in the magazine and want to see exclusive, never-before-seen images of their work

9. you support modeling. whether you are one or just a fan of one. Did you know that probably (we aren’t statisticians) 98% of all magazines don’t pay for outside/external submissions? We do.

10. you support just causes. we haven’t put out yet, but 5% of what we make goes directly to a charity or foundation. now you know. it’s collected over the period of the year, then will be donated at our yearly party we will be hosting in probably a different city each year.

11. you support photography.

12. you can see work from your competition. makeup, models, photographers, hair stylists, wardrobe….or you can offer your services to people. or maybe you see someone that’s near you that you’d like to work with.

13. you can hopefully be inspired by some of the work in each issue. most of our selections aren’t based strictly off content since we don’t have a theme/genre. maybe it can inspire you for your own work.

14. you’re in the publication.

15. your friends are in the publication. who doesn’t like supporting their friends for a low price?

16. None of the images in the magazine will be posted to the general public or social media. even our ads do not contain images that are in the magazine.

17. The preview will only show you up to the table of contents and a letter from the editor and who our staff is. 😉

18. you need a break from politics and want to see epic photos.

19. it gets you off facebook for at least 10 minutes. at least. that’s probably less than a 1 dollar a minute.

20. it’ll give you something to look at when you’re using the restroom. or on the bus. or on an airplane. or if you’re deployed. or have an annoying partner. or you’re in class.

21. we love you. if it wasn’t for the inspiration we draw from each and every one of you, we wouldn’t have been motivated to proceed with this amazing publication.

Bonus: there’s some really hot people in it. who doesn’t like hot people?

Are there any other reasons you can think of? If so, comment! We’d like to know why you’re buying a copy, whether in digital or in print!

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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