Elan Vital Media | Opinion: Social Media Attention – Good or bad?
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Opinion: Social Media Attention – Good or bad?

It could go either way!

They say even bad press is good press. Is that really the case?

Social Media has evolved into it’s own culture, with hashtags (what used to be the number sign), and tagging businesses, and sharing your thoughts, art, photos, everyday life experiences with millions of people from across the globe.

While that can be great, it can be bad too. When’s the last time you were out in public and said, “Hey, would you mind talking to me about my day?” That’s basically what you’re asking thousands of people to do every time you post a status, whether it’s private, public, whatever.

The internet knows more about you than you know about you.

So how does that apply to photographers, models, artists of any kind? Well, to be honest, it kind of sucks and it kind of doesn’t. Imagine that you took an incredible shot and literally it spoke 50k words to someone. It can get you noticed sure, but now that it’s out in everyone’s eyes, well, who’s going to pay you for it? No one.

I read an article the other day that the woman that designed the Nike swoosh logo sold it to Nike for $35 when they were starting. Can you imagine that? Now, they ended up paying her and giving her shares and all that, but not every company can do that. That was before social media though.

As it pertains to social media, a photo has the potential to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Especially if you own the copyright.

I recommend watermarking everything you post to social media, so that way if potential clients or company’s do see it, and they share it or download it, then you at least have the image watermarked with your brand. And if anything ends up being changed, or altered, you have some sort of leg to stand on when contacting them or calling them out.

The good: with a great campaign, marketing strategy, and quality work, your work can be seen and viewed for free by potentially millions of followers.

The bad: the photos you post on there are worth much less now since company’s probably don’t want something that’s already been seen by a certain amount of people.

Some more good: your work will speak for itself and if you got seen by a company that likes it, it has the potential to work into a great future business deal. It can also mean more potential clients and bookings.

Some more bad: If you share it on your personal pages, and not a separate professional page, it can get mixed up with personal posts and then potential clients, and/or company’s, may not necessarily agree with your points of view and they won’t contact you at all.

Summary: be careful what you post, where you post it to, and keep personal separate from professional/fan pages. Make sure you have enough content to share regularly or set up a schedule to post the content you do have but don’t post all of it.

Stay Classy World.

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