Elan Vital Media | Wk 9 Writing Feature: “Delusions of Grandeur” by Keith Speller
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Wk 9 Writing Feature: “Delusions of Grandeur” by Keith Speller


     Cataclysmic thoughts parading around in my mazed out mind and this hollowed out heart. Connection instantly streaming between heart and soul. A dying heart and a dimming soul is an astonishment to see, like the death and rebirth of the entities that house yin and yang. Aborting the feeling lingering inside of me is my defection. The deception my eyes transmits to my mind is like inception.

     Creeping emotions are gathering like maggots to blood. Known entities are being dissolved into new beings. These new beings are melding together to create a person unseen by others and unknown to itself. Constitutions of morality and love are being obliterated, ceasing all temptations to care, love, or to even be ethical. Hypocritical minds spikes my blood to a pinnacle, trying minds and a dying heart pins me down, forcing me to be cynical. My physical body can only endure so much.

     Reality sets in and life feels like that sword stuck in the stone, it’s mythical. It’s mythic mayham running amok, playing tricks on me like the devil’s son.  Is this world holding my life ransom for something? If so the world should know, my life is full of strife. Hold it for ransom you won’t get much: unless hurt is your payment, death as a statement, heart melting down causing my bones to be fragrant. The smell of my heart burning is like rose pedals kissing a rainbow, a rainbow caused by a peppermint waterfall.

     Why would such pain give such great sensorial experiences? Makes sense, even though I know what causes me pain I kept running to it. Delusions of grandeur keeps me sane. Keeps that hold of morals and ethics having meaning in this world and being an arm stretch away. I’ll keep my delusions and make my world a place of grandeur. I’ll keep my life like a boat on an ocean, steady moving and keeping afloat, unlike noah, everyone’s invited.

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