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Musician Feature: Matt U Johnson by Hope Barron

Rising Sensation – Matt U Johnson

For many, music is a vital part of life, everyday life. Music can help us escape, it allows us to express our emotions and define our individuality. It can even be a beacon of hope; exuding positive vibes and fostering a sense of relief. Music can get you through the day or it can make your day and for music artist, Matt U. Johnson music is the driving force of his life journey.

Passionate, enthusiastic, and creative is how I would describe Matt U. Johnson. If you have never heard of the name, you are about to be introduced to the man behind the music.

A Staten Island native emerging out of El Paso, Texas, Matt U has already developed a supportive fan base internationally in his genre of music, having performed in Europe, Mexico and New York, just to name a few. With strong roots in America and Jamaica, Matt brings a unique new style to the music industry through his combination of Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae, and EDM.

Matt’s passion for music derived from his childhood, living in New York City. Inspired by the city and all that it encompassed, young Matt was intrigued. He was always surrounded by music and his exposure to diverse and unique genres was attributed to his parents who took him to many concerts and shows while living in the city. Matt also found inspiration through the music and individuals on television; his favorite channel being MTV. Coming from a Jamaican background, Matt U has been majorly influenced by reggae dancehall music, especially while being raised in the 90’s. His diverse roots and experiences with music influenced the vibe of pop, EDM, and reggae blend that he creates now.


Values are a central part to Matt’s life and his creative process as well. The values that are of the up most important to him outside of music are motivation, drive, and persistence. Matt says those three have always helped him in everyday life and most definitely drive his music creativity. When producing a song, creating a beat, or constructing a lyric his goal is to emit positivity through his music. He wants his supporters to get a feel-good vibration when listening to his tunes and vibes of motivation; the same way he would want to feel when listening to his favorite song.


Matt U is significantly impacted by the love and support of his fans as well as his family. When asked how his family feels about his music career, Matt said “Well my family loves what I do and they have been very supportive through my ups and downs.” The support of his music is what drives his passion and persistence to continue creating.


Hard work and the love Matt U has for music is a force to be reckoned with, he has many plans for the journey ahead. Matt released new music on May 16, the “My Life (remix)” single, check out the video below. He also has two more releases that have some great features from the likes of Mann and Treyy G. and an upcoming concert in El Paso, Texas, June 2nd at Club Gravity where himself and Denver international EDM DJ Treyy G will headline.


Matt U Johnson is an individual making his dreams come true and aiming to motivate and inspire others along the way. Music is a driving force in the life of this artist and good vibes are a must. When I asked Matt if there was anything else he wanted to say about his music career, life, or events he said, “Yes, I would like to say that life is truly a journey and we must all live it doing what we love. Regardless of what that is, I choose music as my life and career and I’m seeing that through no matter what. Entertainment is me!! Live your life and inspire!!! Build your dream empire, make sure you make it hot like fire!!! BLESS UP!!!!

Follow Matt U Johnson at the links below:

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