Elan Vital Media | Legends in the Making: An Interview with DLD!
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Legends in the Making: An Interview with DLD!


An Interview and Story of Latin Grammy Nominated Band DLD

I had the opportunity to interview a band called DLD at Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, TX.

Their music style is a rock. Their journey was tumultuous, starting off in their house in the suburbs of Mexico City, unable to really get in to the city itself, they started doing shows where they were at. As word spread, they invested in a vehicle to get them to other acts, and eventually they signed with a label that helped to get them to where they are today: Grammy nominated. Their first record was recorded in 2003 after they won a “battle of the bands” out of about 800 bands.

Most of my questions were directed towards advice they would give to upcoming musicians and bands, but as they explained, the music scene and industry is a bit different outside of the US. With that being said, their advice is to be in the right place at the right time, and luck goes a long way. The strongest bit of advice I think they gave, was that once they were signed, they weren’t letting the label do its job and constantly were still doing things themselves. They said after they turned over those responsibilities to the label, things went better for them.

DLD puts on an explosive performance that really seemed to stir the crowd to an emotional level, which is amazing to see live. During the interview, I asked what they wanted fans and listeners to get out of their music and the answer was lessons. They wanted to help their listeners feel the emotions that were attached to life lessons so that hopefully they’d be able to learn that there is more to the world than just one thing a person may be going through. And of course to enjoy their music.

Take a listen to their song “Mi Vida” below and spread the word!

"Mi Vida" - DLD

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