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WK 18 Feature: Model Brandon by Country Gem Photography

Creative team:
Photographer: Kat Edwards AKA Country Gem Photography
MUA: Sunny Brunow
Model: Brandon Aylor

About the Photographer:
I have been photographing for 8 years, it’s simply my passion. I look to capture the story when I’m photographing. Country Gem Photography is my creative brain child. CGP focuses on Creative Lifestyle & Fine Art images. My college days were spent working on a fine art degree with a minor in theater. This has given me an outlet to perfect my unique style. It’s important to me that my shoots are relaxed, creative and most importantly “breathtaking” and fun.

“My Goal as a Photographer is to never have a dull session or creative project!”


Note from the photographer:
As a photographer, it is important to think about the bigger picture. When I contemplate a new shoot; creative concepts that tell a story are key. Nobody wants to produce the same aesthetic as someone else. Emotion is the most important factor. I think… “What is the viewer going to feel?”.

This set of images is one of my favorite. The concept for apocalypse Steampunk with a hint of modern fashion is something new, unexpected. Working with a team of models who understand method acting is the best! It’s great knowing that they will portray the character with intensity. Brandon Aylor is a prime example of a model well versed in method acting.

This was my first shoot with a location that was rented out specifically for us. It’s a unique experience to not have to worry about bystanders! It allowed creativity to flow and the museum staff was extremely helpful in allowing us to take images in places the public is normally not allowed. Due to an amazing staff at the museum, we were able to produce breathtaking images unlike any other!

The creative team for this group event consisted six models, multiple photographers creating their own individual creative vision. Each photographer set up and completed their own images and we rotated models and locations trough out the location. Our MUA Sunny Brunow did an amazing job with the model’s makeup and hair as well and modeling herself. Styling was done individually by each model allowing for a verity of looks. I coordinated the location them and overall concept for the project.

One of the reasons I chose this location was for its dramatic feel. My favorite part of the shoot was creating and shooting the “Squirrel Jail”. This scene was shot in the last rotating jail in existence.


Interview with model: Brandon Aylor conducted by Country Gem Photography.

What did you think of the concept for the shoot?

  • I honestly thought the concept was weird at first when Jess Beck told me about it, but when I actually got to the location I thought it was a phenomenal idea, and had a blast doing it.

What is your method for modeling for a shoot like this?

  • My method of modeling is, the same I use when I am acting, especially with a themed shoot. The best way to get into the shoot is to create a character and BE that character whenever the camera on me.

What made you start modeling?

  • What made me start modeling was because I love acting, and I thought that since modeling was somewhat similar to acting, and because I am a good-looking dude.

How did you become part of this shoot?

  • I became a part of the shoot when my friend Jess Beck told me about it, and said he really wanted to do some shoots with me.


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