Elan Vital Media | Maximum Exposure Event – Houston, TX
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Maximum Exposure Event – Houston, TX

Well, this last weekend I went to Houston for the Magazine!  A friend, Billy Coach Jr. was hosing his first Mansion Shoot and we would not miss being there to represent and network.  What a success it was!  Lots of new faces and a few old friends.  We got some great content and made some exciting connections that YOU will see in the future!  Here are a few Behind The Scenes photos to tease you!  Thank you all for your participation in this event!  I can’t wait for the next one!

If you have never been to a “Mansion Shoot” or a “Marathon Shoot” before here is how it works…
Model, Photographers, Hair and Make up artists, agents, designers, and magazines get together and have a huge collaboration for an entire day.  The host rents out a location (in this instance it was a mansion in Houston) and sells tickets to everyone to participate.  The amount of content everyone gets in incredible!  Every room is available to use and shoot in.  Designers can get their clothes on models and get images out of it!  Afterwards we can all sit down and get to know everyone else.  Its networking all day and night.

You can see from the pictures that it was crazy all day!  Lots of things happening all day!  Elan Vital will be going to more of these to spread the word and get more premium content!

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