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simple beginner modeling tips.
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Staff Feature: Basic Model Tips #1-2

This is the start of something beautiful! Throughout this week will be basic modeling tips.” TIPS OF THE DAY”. So here is Basic Modeling Tip #1-2

Tip #1 Do NOT spend so much money!

 Many of us have already made the mistake of spending too much money on things you don’t need or you get scammed into. Watch out for scam agencies! Be alert! Red flags should be frantically waving if you ever hear “down payments” or “deposits” before or in order to sign with them. Don’t be discouraged though, all you have to do is really research the agency you are applying to and always ask questions.

Anyways, back to the spending. Even when investing in a portfolio, you don’t need to spend a lot on outfits. Most agencies want natural anyways. So going out and spending hundreds of dollars on fancy clothes, fancy shoes ( a lot of the time you never wear again), or even on high end makeup, it’s not really needed. All of that can come later once you have been settled. Budget and think about which investments are actually investments and which are just crap you think you need at that moment.

Tip #2 Portfolio/Digitals/Comp Cards

Please hire a professional when investing in your portfolio. Your Portfolio and Digitals will be the first impression agents and casting directors get from you. They want to see what you are capable of when in front of the camera, and what work you have done so far. For your First Photoshoot, remember you don’t have to be all glamorous but show personality in your photos. (Unless your lucky and your first shoot is your first modeling job, then do what the client is asking) “A picture shows a thousand words” is the most honest saying there is in this industry! Take pride in your portfolio!

Photographer Claudia Alvarez
Model JaiLynne Cho
MUA Yuvia Rodgriguez
Example of a client portfolio shoot !

          Your Digitals are you at your most natural usually just a headshot and a full body shot. Unlike the portfolio where it is best to have a few different outfits and show personality, digitals are a bit more simple. These photos are used when agents and directors want to see what they are working with structure wise; seeing if you fit a look they’re looking for. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get picked.

Comp Cards are just like a model resume. You pick  5 photos from your portfolio and arrange them as you like, but you also include your measurements ( THATS A MUST FOR YOU TO KNOW), age and brief info on work you have done so far.


And remember, these are based on opinions and things I have experienced/ witnessed so far in my adventures of modeling. Any questions/comments please feel free to share maybe even some of your stories about your experience with a first casting or agency if you have already dealt with this! Like, Comment, Share 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jailynnecho 

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