Elan Vital Media | ISSUE 4 RELEASE! YES – IT’S OUT!
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A little about this issue:

Every one of the submitters is a veteran of the military or a currently serving member.  This is going to be something we do every year for our regular July Issue. In between the covers, you’ll be able to view their features and get a glimpse of how they became the artists they are today.

We have features from veterans of the following countries and services represented in this issue:


Royal New Zealand Air Force Veteran: YME YNOT Photography, United Kingdom


Australian Army Veteran: BelAir Photography, Australia


US Army Veteran: Souls of Faith Photography, Texas


US Army Serving: Billy Coach, Jr, Texas


US Army Serving and US Navy Veteran: Phoenix 45 Foto, Texas


US Air Force Veteran: Robert Hold, Texas


US Navy Veteran: Shutter Photography Studios, Washington


US Marine Corps Veteran: Logan Grey Photography, Texas


So remember to grab yourself a copy of the issue, as not only do we do payouts for each one of our submitters, we donate a portion of every issue we sale to Romans Warrior Foundation, a veteran owned and ran 501c(3) organization that is dedicated to helping veterans over a plethora of issues and support.

Get your copy by clicking the photo below and downloading it digitally or ordering a print version which is better in our opinions! 🙂

Cover photography by YME YNOT Photography out of the UK; Cover Model is Izzy Alexander out of the UK

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