Elan Vital Media | Basic Modeling Tips #3-4
Basic modeling tips for beginners
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Staff Feature: Basic Modeling Tips #3-4

Here are the next set of tips on just basic modeling info, for those of you barely starting out.
Tip #3 Model Professionalism !

Just like any other job, you must keep your professionalism. Excited to be starting a new adventure? Of course you are! It’s great to show passion and enthusiasm. Something that had been mentioned before to me was to never be too eager. … Well shouldn’t you be? .. Yes you should be, but coming out in the open that you would do anything to get casted, is a no no. Not only does it make you seem desperate, but what does anything really mean? Set standards for yourself. Set up already how you want to be portrayed by others(casting agents). Being a model means always being in the eye of the public. Unfortunately people judge wherever you go. Being a model there is a certain rep you want to pertain so you can get those certain jobs that have more of an interest to you. You can’t really do that if your willing to do anything. Also, whoever it is you are talking to and you use that “anything” word, could take it out of context or decide to take advantage. That’s why it is important to set up your standards and how you want to be portrayed. For example, say you decide to do Boudoir Modeling, and then decide to be a children’s show host. As much as it shouldn’t matter, majority of your audience is going to criticize. ( Not putting down either. just giving an example from one side of the spectrum line to the complete opposite!). Another example would be speaking with a casting director and they are discussing you being a possibility for the role, and u flat out say ” I would do anything”. What could happen? Oh! They could decide to give it to you but without pay and give you instead, “exposure bucks”. So really think about what type of model you really want to be before you start taking any job/gig that is offered to you.

Keep your head up, when going to castings or even at the actual show, back stage there will be those models you happen to run into and they are unpleasant. Should you be unpleasant back or start a catfight? NO!!! You just keep walking, strut your stuff. You got hired. Do your thing and don’t let some one else ruin it! Act like a professional, BE a professional!


Tip #4 Hygiene 

Unfortunately, this IS a topic amongst professionals in the modeling/ acting industry because some people DO NOT keep up with their hygiene. If you know you are going to a shoot the next day and you know certain parts will be showing like armpit, legs, feet, etc., then take the initiative to groom!….EVEN if you didn’t know, be prepared! Chipped nail polish paint, prickly arm pit, things like that…..Should be simple things to be able to take care of. REMEMBER PROFESSIONALISM. So many photographers have mentioned before about models who do not groom before a shoot or even designers have mentioned a few models who didn’t shower before using their designs. Somethings that can take you 10mins tops! TOPS! Could end up taking the photog hours! or just completely ruin the designs! Be a considerate model, be a professional model and please keep up with your hygiene regularly.


And remember, these are based on opinions and things I have experienced/ witnessed so far in my adventures of modeling. Any questions/comments please feel free to share maybe even some of your “Model Professionalism” or unprofessionalism too! Like, Comment, Share 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jailynnecho 

Tomorrow’s Basic Modeling Tips #5-6. stay tuned!!


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