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what to wear during a casting and skincare chat.
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Staff Feature: Basic Modeling Tip #5-6

Here it is!

Basic Modeling tip #5 What to Wear to a Casting! 

So this tip for today will be very simple! Not much to it. If the casting agents don’t say what it is they are looking for as far as attire, then wear a tank top (T-shirt for the gentlemen) with nicely fitted jeans and black shoes ( black heels for the ladies). Make sure your hair is out of your face. Usually, makeup is none to minimum. Mentioned previously, casting agents want to see your natural beauty! It’s a simple and clean look!

SO be confident and take care of your skin/health! 

Don’t go out and party the night before a casting! You will make your skin look dull and tired. So get some R&R (rest and relax) !!

Which brings us to our next tip!

Basic Model Tip #6 Skincare (back to hygiene)

Make sure you have a skin care routine if you don’t have one already! Your face is the money maker lol! Use what works for your skin, best way to know is a visit to a dermatologist ! (if you can of course) Make sure to exfoliate once a weak at least. Use face masks, moisturize… things like that. Take your skincare seriously. Breakouts are normal! They happen! So just invest in an amazing concealer that you like and matches your skin tone to cover up on you not-so-good days. I usually carry facial wipes to help remove make up or dirt from my face if I’m unable to wash my face right away. It helps until I get home. Don’t forget to wash your face though! I have done it before and it feels so icky and terrible!

And remember, these are based on opinions and things I have experienced/ witnessed so far in my adventures of modeling. Any questions/comments please feel free to share maybe even some of your Skincare routines or products you recommend too! Like, Comment, Share 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @jailynnecho 


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