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Monthly Modeling Advice and Story Column by Samara Darling
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Staff Feature: The Unglamorous Misadventures of Modeling

The Unglamorous Misadventures of Modeling

A Monthly Guide to Modeling by Model Samara Darling

The unglamorous misadventures of modeling, and how to survive them.

Every model, has had gotten to a photo shoot, super excited, unpacks everything and realizes they forgot that one thing they really needed.
It’s not a photo shoot unless you’ve forgotten something right?
Traveling from shoot to shoot, especially when you have multiple a day, can be exhausting, and challenging.
So here’s my tips, tricks and what to pack in your emergency bag for photo shoots:

1. A bottle of water.

It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated, while your rocking your photo shoot. Pack a bottle of water, set a timer, and stay hydrated. For days with heavy lipstick, bring a straw so you don’t mess up your makeup!

2. Snacks

It’s so important to feed your body while your working hard! It’s easy to get caught up in what your doing and forget to break for lunch. If you have back to back shoots, Keep yourself alert and full of energy with some of your favorite snacks. Pack easy,non messy snacks like, nuts, fruit , cheese sticks, jerky and some juice!

3. Bandaids and sunscreen.

I have been to many photo shoots, where you climb a tree or climb up a rock for the perfect shot. Bring some bandaids in case of trips, slips and falls, and sunscreen any time your outdoors.

4. Lash glue.

Always have a backup pair of tweezers and lash glue! It’s the worst thing ever to get to your shoot and realize you lost that tube of glue that completes your makeup look! Save yourself the stress and pack a extra tube in your kit.

5. Baby wipes.

Modeling is messy! I have used baby wipes for countless things at shoots. whether it was for a quick cleanup or to change my makeup it’s been a lifesaver! I won’t go to any shoot without a pack, it’s a must have in your kit!

6.  Change of clothes and shoes.

This may seem like a given, but many times I’ve gone to shoot at the beach, wore the bathing suit or outfit there because there’s nowhere to change, and end up soaking wet with no extra clothing. Always pack a extra outfit, and a fresh pair of shoes, you never know when you’ll need it!

7. A fuzzy bathrobe.

Shooting in the fall and winter can be a difficult time to shoot! Remember to pack a warm robe so you can cover up and stay warm between shots.

8. Sewing kit.

Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time and can seriously ruin a concept you’ve been planning for weeks. Stay prepared pack a sewing kit for a quick emergency fix!

9. Hiking boots.

This mostly pertains to outdoor shoots. Save yourself discomfort while hiking to that gorgeous waterfall and dress for the hike. Bring bug spray, plenty of water, and pack the outfit  your wearing for your shoot in the mountains for later. You’ll thank yourself later for not marching through the woods in the wrong shoes!

10. A charger and external powerbank.

Pack a extra phone charger, especially if your in a area your not familiar with. A charged phone gives you the ability to use your gps as well as stay in contact with people you trust so they know your safe. Out in the woods? Take a powerbank! Safety is the most important thing and you don’t want to be stranded anywhere without having access to make a call if you need it.

11. Bobby pins and a brush.

Make sure to pack a brush and bobby pins! We all know hair has a mind of its own, and sometimes we need some help to tame the beast! Stay on top and prepare for a bad hair day!

12. Travel toothbrush kit.

When your out shooting, don’t stress about having food stuck in your teeth after lunch! Pack a travel kit so you can stay fed, and look for best for your next shoot! This has been a serious lifesaver, and guarantees that you can take care of yourself without being worried about bad breath!

I hope this basic survival guide helps prepare a little better for your next shoot! Stay safe and stay creative! Stay tuned for my next article! Comment on our Facebook page if you have feedback or other suggestions!

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