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Models: Starting Off Advice


“Work it girl work it”!!! They all yelled as i pranced around the living room in my moms high heel shoes, her wig and a shit load of her makeup. You’re gonna be on the runway soon!!! You are born to do this!!! Everyone is taking pictures of me telling me how beautiful i am and how thin I am. That feeling of being admired, all the attention on me is the feeling I carried for a long time on my journey to be a high fashion runway model. Everyone just knew I was gonna make it as a model. All my family members encouraged and supported my dream. To them I had everything it takes.

Although decades passed  before I made a real attempt to make my dream a reality it was always something burning deep into my soul. So one day I woke up created a Model Mayhem profile and started connecting with agencies and photographers. I’m a all or nothing kind of person so I will not start anything until I know I can put my all into. So just like that it began. I started applying to agencies and going on casting calls. That’s when the reality of being an aspiring model took place. Majority of the agencies I wanted to work with had a height and age requirement at least 5’9 nothing over 21. Me 28 years old and 5’6. I would read these requirements and think to myself, if they would just give me chance….. I can wear really tall heels…. I don’t even look my age I look younger than most 21 year old women!!!

I was so disappointed to say the least. I felt like my dreams were being ripped out of my hands. I started researching different types of modeling just to see what else is out there because i knew this couldn’t be the end for me. I remembered someone telling me about print models so I started with that first.

Print/commercial modeling does not have a strict set of physical requirements. It ranges anywhere from magazine publications or product endorsements. Fashion models you can see posing for high fashion magazines or do work for high fashion designers like Gucci, Louis vuitton or Prada. The requirement for that is normally no less that 5’9 and very thin. Runway models walk in high fashion shows and are normally no less than 5’11 in height and have to fit the certain designers clothes. Plus size modeling dont have exact measurements but more so go by sizes, many clothing lines have a plus size line so plus size models get booked for that. Petite Modeling are normally 5’7 or under, generally get booked for lingerie or parts modeling since hands and feet are small. Swimsuit/ lingerie Modeling requirements are normally not to be too thin and a big bust. Glamour models are normally more curvy and pose in a more sexual way like pin up girls of playboy. Then we have promotional models (which I am currently one for a really cool magazine called wink wink). Promotional models book jobs to promote products or services. 

Fitness models, Print models, lingerie/ swimsuit models, plus size models, petite models, glamour models and promotional models typically get a lot of the same opportunities in the modeling world. High fashion models get all that and then some as do runway models as well. 

I found that I fit in the world of print and promotional modeling. I am writing this in hope that I inspire someone to not give up on their dream! There is a place in the modeling world that will welcome you with open arms. I am in no way bashing high fashion modeling, more power to you! But there is so much more to modeling than just fashion and a pretty face, it is art. I encourage you to visit Elan Vital Magazine on facebook: @elanvitalmag, and on instagram: @elanvitalmag; they accept submissions (Submissions Guide)from all genres of modeling and lets you see a different side of modeling like you have never seen before!


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