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Just some advice on scams increasing in the industry
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Models: Some scams to avoid if you didn’t already know!

A Message for Beginning Models

Written by: Venessa Sandrina

Photo by: Angel Armenta Riotbyangel

So I discovered this really cool site for models!! It allows you to connect with photographers, MUA, wardrobe stylists, agencies and other models. It has options to join for free which limits you to about 50 pictures you can have up and around 10 messages you can send to potential jobs per month. Or you can pay a monthly fee to have unlimited everything. I joined for free lol. I created my profile wrote my bio and posted a couple pictures that I already had.  was very welcoming, by tagging posts on my page welcoming me and commenting nice things on my photos.

Some features that I like the most about the site is that it allows you to apply to castings all around world, and that was unlimited. You are also able to add videos and link your facebook account to your profile. Before you knew it I was connecting with amazing photographers and did TFP with them and built a great portfolio. Even booked an awesome job as a promotional model for Elan Vital Magazine.

But, as you know, the world of social media scammers and con artist can access just about anything. They make fake profiles, names, emails anything you can think of. First one, Someone messaged me via model mayhem and said they chose me based on my portfolio for a paid gig. The profile was of a normal girl, looks like a model. She needed my email so her manager can send me the details. My dumbass gave it to her lol. As soon as I read the email I knew something was fishy. The email stated that the event would be for four hours and I would be modeling clothes for a fashion designer. The job pays 2800 dollars in which I would have to give the makeup artist and wardrobe stylist 600 dollars out of it. They wanted me to send them my measurements, name, address, and phone number. They would send me the check for 2800 dollars in the mail before the gig and they wanted me to cash it and western union the rest to them. Phew dodged that! I actually got multiple ones like that, it seems to be the most trending unfortunately.

Then I booked a job with an apparent fake photographer. I wanted to do a location shoot. He said I needed to pay him 50 dollars to hold my spot a week before we set up the shoot. Again my dumbass sent the money via western union, showed up for the shoot and of course he was nowhere to be found.

Last one, I was contacted via my cell phone (I had it up as my way to contact) on my facebook which is linked to my model mayhem profile. It was a guy with what appeared to be a middle eastern accent. He called about 8am in the morning as I was waiting to board a flight. He started by saying he got my phone number from my agency and wanted to know if I could come in to audition for a potential acting job. I told him I couldn’t that day because I was going to be out of town for the weekend. He then said if I knew anyone I could refer because they are short models, the job pays 1500 and I would get a referral credit of 50 dollars. In a rush I referred someone to him. Once I got back I found out it was a complete scam. The guy asked the model to meet him at a hotel because that’s where the casting would be held and said the model would have to book a room and get reimbursed for it.

Scams come in all different shapes and forms. A guy contacted me via instagram and said he was a image consultant for models. I went to his page checked it out, it looked legit and he had a large amount of followers. We then spoke on the phone about setting up a meeting. During that conversation he said I would have to send 200 dollars via western union in order for him to work with him, dodged that one!

 It is important that models protect themselves and not be a dumbass like me. I hope I have heightened awareness to someone thru this article because I have put myself in situations that could have ended much worse than it did. We all want to make it and we all want to get paid and book that job, and the scam artists know that as well. We have to be smart and pay attention to the warning signs.

I always recommend when meeting with photographers that you bring a friend with you. Preferably a male friend lol. That’s what I did in the beginning until I connected with photographers that I was constantly working with. Do your research before showing up. Ask them for references. Pay attention to the warning signs!!!

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