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A Day of Remembrance
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A Day of Remembrance

16 years since it happened…

It’s been 16 years since the four separate attacks on America’s soil sparked a surge in young men and women signing up to serve the nation and to go places and do things for the people next to them.

Today, a day of remembrance, we ask that you take a few moments out of your day to think of those brave firefighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel, the innocent civilians that were trapped in the towers, the military personnel stuck in the Pentagon, and those brave souls aboard Flight 93.  Take a few moments today to say thanks to the service members that have since deployed and laid down the ultimate sacrifice to ensure your freedoms are maintained here at home.

Everyone that is old enough to have a memory during September 11, 2001, probably remembers almost exactly what they were doing, who they were with, where they were. What we remember is that a nation came together in the days that followed, set aside differences for the sake of the tragedies and other things, and everyone then was united as an American. We saw entire neighborhoods flying the American flag, people of all races and religions working the wreckage of the twin towers, people of all genders and preferences working to support the people affected by those attacks, American artists created new monuments and statues to honor those that have fallen during the last 16 years. We saw an influx of patriotic BAMFs from all walks of life joining our military and coming together to take the whoop-ass away from our soil so the innocent didn’t have to fight it on their home soil.

Take today and remember what it was like to just be American 16 years ago – regardless of what side of the political divide you find yourself currently supporting. And please, think of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives.

As some of us schedule photoshoots, some of us lace up combat boots, some of us put on heels or dress shoes to work in our broad economy, some of us cut grass for people, or some of us take care of children, some of us don’t have a relative and loved one any longer due to the attacks on our nation 16 years ago. Remember today, and remember that as long as we have a world where terrorism is present, there will always be Americans manning the fire that pumps the forges that provide our nation with a military that will eventually eradicate terrorism.

Remember. Lest we forget.

Phoenix is a legend. He is dedicated to creating scenes that are devised from his imagination, which depending on the day may or may not be NSFW. His passions are Star Wars, paintball, journalism, photography (right?!), jeeps, being from the South, and his dog Trooper Duke. He is fluent in American sarcasm, bacon, and donuts. He's probably eating bacon or donuts as you read this.

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