Elan Vital Media | A Commercial Production
A brief look at how shooting a magazine commercial is done!
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Elan Vital: A Commercial

Magazine, Social Media, COMMERCIALS?
We’re doing big things and only getting bigger.

What other independent magazine do you know of creating commercials to be featured on TV shows? Certainly not many, if at all.

Here at Elan Vital Magazine, we want to spread the word of independent artists as far as possible, the below commercials will be aired on Local Ambition Season 6, which is a modeling reality series that will run for 11 weeks, airing September 18th.

The commercial production was A LOT of work, to say the least. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of a local studio ran by Benny Chang – who also hosts his own show on local TV called 306 Sessions and leads a band known as Ten Second Pistol; multiple make-up artists and hair stylists that usually work independently – Nicole Hector (MUA), Cat Nettles (MUA), Angel Roberts Prince (HMUA), Carolyn Elizabeth (HMUA), Caitlyn Aragon (HMUA), and Val Perez (HMUA); and two of the most badass designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Melinda Cofield of Abby Calla Girl Style, and everyone at Imperial Legacy Clothing, both designers are based out of El Paso, TX, and create amazing designs.

Everyone was just super talented, and the whole production took two days to film. Two very long, and busy days for everyone. Filming definitely gave the staff of Elan Vital some vital and valuable insight for when we film future endeavors (the 2018 tour baby!), and we definitely couldn’t have done it without those involved.

Take a look at some of the stills we caught during the set and be sure to check out the full story and more featured images in our September Issue, coming out on the 20th!

Model: JaiLynne; Makeup by: Carolyn; Hair by: Angel Roberts; Wardrobe by: Melinda Cofield
Model: Terry; Makeup by Val Perez; Wardrobe by: Melinda Cofield
Model: Elvira; Makeup by: Carolyn; Hair by: Angel Roberts
Models (L-R): Julian (wardrobe by Melinda Cofield); Melinda (wardrobe by: herself); Brianna
Model: Mayra; Makeup by: Cat Nettles; Hair by: Caitlyn Aragon
Model: Kelly; Makeup by: Nicole Hector; Hair by: Val Perez
Model: Morgan; Makeup by: Nicole Hector; Hair by: Valerie Perez; Wardrobe by: Imperial Legacy Clothing
Model: Dallas; Wardobe by: Imperial Legacy Clothing
Model: MacKenzie, Makeup by: Cat Nettles; Hair by: Valerie Perez
Ending Finale Pose! From Left to right: JaiLynne, Terry, Julian, Dallas, Kelly, Elvira, Morgan, Brianna, Melinda, MacKenzie, Mayra

Together, below, are the two versions of our final product, which will be aired September 18th, on AlwaysLateTV.com’s Local Ambition: Season 6! Don’t forget to check out the show and stay tuned here on the website for a re-cap and analysis of what we thought of each episode! And when you see the commercial, give us a shout on our Facebook page!

We also would like to let everyone know that you should definitely check out the credits at the bottom of the page to check out the stylists, models, designers, and crew that came together to make this vision a reality.

Promo Reel 1

Promo Reel 2


Terry Kahala
JaiLynne Cho
Brianna Alston
Mayra Bellydance
Kelly Lovell
Julian Cavett
Elvira Delgado
Mandy Delgado
Morgan Shaw
MacKenzie Cochran

Directed by:
Sol G of Solesisita out of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Assistant Director:
Benny Chang of 306 Sessions out of El Paso, TX

Director of Photography:
Emily Montelongo

Casting/Creative Director:
Terry Kahala

Still Photographer/Videographer:
Thomas Cobain

Makeup Artists:
Caitlyn Aragon of Eleven Sixteen
Val Perez of Eleven Sixteen
Nicole Hector of Vxxyn Glam
Angel Roberts
Cat Nettles
Carolyn Elizabeth

Hair Styling by:
Angel Roberts
Carolyn Elizabeth
Carolyn Arogon of Eleven Sixteen
Val Perez of Eleven Sixteen

Wardrobe Designers:
Melinda Cofield of Abby Calla Designs
Imperial Legacy Clothing

Soundtrack for Reel 1:
Ten Second Pistol

Filmed at 306 Sessions in El Paso, TX

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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