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Check out what this show is about and where you can watch it!
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Local Ambition: Season 6 Preview

Better than ANY Modeling show. Ever.
Fuck Yeah!

From the initial contact we had with Kevin Edwards, producer – editor – jack of all trades – founder, of AlwaysLateTV and Local Ambition, we’ll admit we were nervous. We had literally been a magazine for barely 4 months, just barely had finished the deadline for submissions of our first issue, and had less than 2000 followers on Facebook. Let’s not even get into the followers we had on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, lol. But, it all started with an initial email from Kevin, asking us if we would like to sponsor his show and the rest is history.

Kevin's first contact to Allen Vytal 😉
She looks confused and definitely not impressed with whatever is going on! We can't WAIT to see what this is about!
One of the shots captured on set during filming. I wonder if the motor was cooled off, hopefully she didn't burn herself lol.
Nana smoking out behind the scenes.

So, I gave Kevin a call and we talked through things and while on the phone, it came to me that this show was something that is epic. And it was on it’s 6th season? Sign me the fuck up. He got me hyped before I even checked out the website to look at past seasons of the show. Modeling? Raw? Local, talented artists? Eliminations? Some drama mixed in? Wait…season 6 is a horror theme? And it’s edited in a nostalgic way  that brings back a flood of memories from the 80’s? Absolutely, I said, and we went to work as a magazine and he continued to go to filming. To be honest, he did give me the option to have the show create our commercial for us, but I felt that wasn’t our style and we set out to accomplish our own work on that end, and you can check out a portion of that article here.

We were able to secure a few of the cast member’s for interviews, some of the responses will throughout the article, some more will be in the upcoming September Issue!

Ashli; Photography by: Blane Schanter
Helaina; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: What are your aspirations for modeling after being on the show?

Helaina: I do really enjoy modeling and would love to continue doing modeling, preferably for products. But my one true love is acting and I’m going to focus more on continuing that.

EVM: If you can do it again, would you?

Helaina: Most definitely, I really enjoyed it! It was a humongous amount of fun and I made some high-quality memories with some high-quality people.

Lawly; Photography by: Blane Schanter
Chelsi; Photography by: Blane Schanter
Nikki; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: Tell me what you think is an advantage of going through a reality show versus going through an agency.

Nikki: If I was going through an agency, I would owe them a percentage of any profit I make.  Going through the reality show, I’ve gotten a bunch of opportunities to be in magazines, on a radio show, etc.  I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten as many opportunities through an agency.

EVM: In your own words, what’s the general mood of the upcoming season? Is it dark and spooky, humorous, what?

Nikki: I feel like the general mood of the upcoming season is definitely humorous.  Most of the girls not only play their own characters, but they’re characters themselves!  There are some dark and spooky moments too, especially toward the end after the finale.

Tia; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: What’s the first thing you remember about your first day on set?

Tia: “Why is chelsi talking?”

EVM: Being on a broadcast show, how does it make you feel knowing that hundreds of thousands of people are going to be judging you?

Tia: If you think about it in terms of today’s world people are constantly watching you. Snapchat, twitter and Instagram are constant looping your life through people’s screens. See now that scares me a bit but being on stage? No way! I love it. I love the rush it gives me and that little small voice in my head telling me “you got this.” I love making someone feel something. I love sharing my art with the world. No matter what people in life are going to judge you. So you better put you big girl panties on, stand tall and give them everything you’ve got.if everyone likes your show that means you did something wrong.

Tia and Chelsi prepping for a scene! They look like they're having a little fun!
Sunni; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: What made you decide to audition? What was the audition like? How many other people were there at the auditions that you can remember?

Sunni: I had applied the past few years and got nothing, but I still wanted to try! This year I got that lucky call! The audition was pretty laid back. We all gathered and they interviewed each of us, took pictures, and hung out. We had two days of auditions, and my group had about 30 people.

EVM: Do you feel you’d want to continue being in the modeling industry or would you want to go more towards acting? (please explain)

Sunni: I talk wayyyyyy too fast for acting I think. Nonspeaking monster roles maybe! But modeling is my first love.

Throughout the months leading up to the season premiere (which is Monday, September 18th – wink, wink, nudge, nudge), we spoke fairly often about the show, it’s cast members, how it worked, Elan Vital’s Commercial Production, and side bars of politics, current happenings in society, how the St. Louis life is (as it so happens, I’m actually going to be relocating nearby at the behest of the military), and then back to magazines, modeling, future endeavors, trends in media, and a whole bunch of other things. It turns out that Kevin is a badass with a dream and he’s endeavoring to make them a reality, while also helping others reach their own goals and dreams within the modeling community. While modeling has always typically been a set standard created by mass mainstream media, Kevin has successfully created a show that begs to be viewed by not only the modeling industry, but by those regular fans of modeling and fashion, concept art, and of course, drama.

Without diving into too many details about the production side, we will be letting you know just what the show is about:

Local Ambition is one part reality series and one part soap opera. The St. Louis, Missouri based web series combines aspects of both genres to create one of the most unique viewing experiences you’ll find anywhere. The show features modeling reality series standards like photo shoots and confessionals, but dramatic soap opera elements are thrown in to keep viewers entertained during the competition.

The show’s premise features eleven local women from St. Louis competing in a series of themed photo shoots and challenges with bi-weekly eliminations until a winner is determined.

Nikki Serenity may have more modeling experience than the rest of her cast mates, but she is seen as the “quiet girl.” Not one to rock the boat, Nikki prefers to stay in the background and focus on the competition rather than forming alliances and getting involved in drama. This proves to be easier said than done as the drama intensifies throughout the season. Nikki will have to decide how she plans on dealing with the growing conflicts between everyone else on the show.

Last year, Nikki tried out for Local Ambition’s 5th season but wasn’t picked. Undaunted, she threw herself completely into modeling and learned as much as she could. She wanted to be ready for the next casting call to secure her spot on the world’s most interesting modeling competition. A+er participating in almost 200 photo shoots last year, Nikki found the confidence and the edge she needed to impress producers and make it on this year’s cast.

While Nikki does her best to avoid drama on the show, Jessica has done the opposite. It’s harder for her character to avoid confrontations as she is more focused on proving herself to others and establishing relationships with her cast mates.

From the very beginning of the season, Jessica finds her position on Local Ambition in jeopardy as two of her cast mates try to get her kicked off by spreading a rumor about her. Jessica’s fate rests in the hands of management who will investigate the rumors to see if they are true or not.

Outside of the show, Jessica is one of the most multi-talented members of the cast. She is just as interested with being behind the camera as she is being in front of it. Jessica is a photographer and filmmaker. She has set up several photo shoots with local models in, and around, the St. Louis area and directed short films.

Tia is one of the most charismatic women to ever appear on the show. What she lacked in modeling experience when she began the season, she more than made up for in personality and determination.

During filming, she attended high school in St. Louis and worked two jobs in order to save up enough money to live on her own. Tia’s work ethic and positive attitude were two things that have helped her in life and on Local Ambition.

Tia was also involved in her high school’s theater club landing roles in productions of Grease and the Little Mermaid. Instead of donning the iconic mermaid flippers, Tia was cast as Sebastian the Crab due to her amazing sense of humor and acting range.

Chelsi takes the term “blonde ambition” to a new level. This 19-year old Granite City, Illinois native is passionate about modeling and wants to make a career of it.

A friend of Chelsi’s shared the link to Always Late TV’s application for 2017’s season of Local Ambition on her Facebook page. She wasn’t sure if she could do it and almost didn’t fill it out. Eventually, she decided to give it a shot and see what happens. Producers loved her look and striking personality. It was a combination that was too good to pass up.

When she was asked, “What strengths do you have?” Chelsi replied, “I have a lot of strengths. I’m very confident,” and it shows in every photo she takes. Confidence is an important factor on a show like Local Ambition. The producers can believe in you all they want, but you have to feel it yourself and Chelsi has confidence in spades.

As a cast member on Local Ambition, her confidence has gotten her in her fair share of drama. At times, she has been at the center of it, but she remains focused on winning.

From an early age, Nana knew that she had to be strong in order to survive. Not knowing who her father was, Nana lived with her mother in an abusive household until she was 13. At that point, her mother kicked her out and she spent several years living on the streets of St. Louis. While she was homeless, she would look at the tall skyscrapers and city lights and dream of a better future. Nana says that the time she spent on the streets made St. Louis “part of her soul.”

Eventually, her mother would find her and sent her to a juvenile rehabilitation center for troubled teens. Having never committed a crime, Nana had to adjust to living with teenagers who had been in trouble with the law. Scheduled meal times, curfews, and counseling sessions became a regular part of Nana’s life.

When her time at the rehabilitation center was over, Nana was picked up by the relative of a friend she met at the center. “I took the wrong ride,” she said, recalling the events that took place after she was picked up. What was a simple ride home turned into a kidnapping. She did everything she could to escape another abusive environment and found safety in the streets of St. Louis once again.

Nana said, “I never got the love I deserved growing up.” As an adult, Nana was finally introduced to her father – whom she had not seen her entire life. “He lived in a house right around the area I slept in when I was homeless,” she said.

Throughout her life, Nana was always misunderstood and wanted to find an outlet for her creativity. This year, she found an ad online for the casting call for Local Ambition’s sixth season. She showed up and the producers fell in love with her and were touched by her story.

Local Ambition will be hosted this season by last year’s winner, Colie Lewis. Colie is one of the most talented and versatile individuals in the Always Late TV family. Not only can she model, but she’s also an actress, special effects makeup artist, modeling coach, and media ambassador to the show. “There’s nothing she can’t do,” says Local Ambition’s creator, Kevin Edwards.

From Kevin’s desk, he speaks to the diversity of the cast. And from my own interviews with him, most of it may be off record lol, but I can say, without a doubt, the show offers a unique twist to the modeling industry, definitely isn’t as politically tainted as other modeling shows that have been on the air, and offers a plethora of opportunities for the cast and crew to continue to create, inspire, and encourage others in, and out, of the modeling world.

Is that an Elan Vital shirt?! Something about our store opening here on the website in a couple weeks? Hrrmmm
Behind the scenes of one of the episodes! Looks intense! She looks so frustrated lol!
Nana; Photography by: Blane Schanter
Mack; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: How did you hear about Local Ambition?

Mack: A girl who works at best buy told me about it when I went to get a new phone last year –  she was on season five, her name was Ashley.

EVM: When you started filming, what’s the first thing you remember about your first day on set? What about the last day?

Mack: The first day, I was so nervous, I remember practicing segments and learning how to do confessionals. The last day was kind of sad and very nerve-wrecking, considering it was the day who we found out the winner was.

Chrissy; Photography by: Blane Schanter
Jessica; Photography by: Blane Schanter

EVM: If you had to pick someone else besides you to win, who would you want to win and why?

Jessica: I’d want Tia to win because she’s the realist person on the show. Not just the I-tell-it-how-it-is type of real, but the type where she’s 100% herself AND can tell-it-how-it-is. She’s the best role model on show, and she can slay anything she wears.

EVM: After being on the show, did your approach to modeling change?

Jessica: I learned a lot more on and off set, I learned more about posing and how to make your body work. Before, I had troubles with facials, but now I’m able to feel out my expressions a lot better.


If you’ve ever been interested in what the modeling world looks like – I, and everyone else that have been privy to the show, will highly recommend it. I mean, 9.1 million viewers of Season 5, something says to me, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Be sure to check out the premiere this Monday, September 18th, on AlwaysLateTV, and continue to get involved as every episode airs every Monday after that! And be sure to follow up here on Elan Vital for the recap from each episode on Tuesday’s in case you missed it, and please get involved in the conversation! Comment on the re-cap articles on our facebook page, we’d like to also hear your feedback and it may even be on one of our future articles!

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