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Hugh Hefner dies at 91
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A Man Passes, But a Legacy Continues

Hugh Hefner Dies at 91, as reported by
The Hollywood Reporter

Hugh Hefner; Photo appeared in Smoes Knows Blog, credit unknown

When the news hit my facebook feed this evening, I didn’t know if it was click bait or fake, but after reading and seeing the source, I knew it had come to be – my childhood hero and adult hero had passed away. 

Upon reading the article by The Hollywood Reporter (click here for original), many of the things I knew about him were mentioned, such as he was a veteran of the US Army, and had a troubled first marriage, and such, but the thing that stood out the most was that he was a passionate and dedicated person in the field of media. That was truly my inspiration drawn from this legacy, this man of ingenuity and charm. 

It began when I was 12, first seeing a stack of Playboy’s one of my friends had stolen from his parents. From there, my young self, a whippersnapper, grew obsessed with the comics, the pictures of course (duh!), and the elegance and class of which the magazine displayed everything between its’ covers. Eventually, I would begin to collect Playboy‘s as I became of legal age to purchase them and a tradition was born of me getting every May issue of Playboy as a small birthday present to myself. 

The photographers of Playboy inspired me in my own modeling photography years later as I began the struggle of finding a niche I was somewhat good at and was passionate about. I will always have a special place in my soul for Hugh Hefner and the empire he started from the ground, borne of passion, and enduring mental anguish during the beginning stages of naysayers and critics. His struggle strengthens my own resolve to continue in a similar tradition with this magazine as well – to create a media outlet to recognize photographers, models, artists, and others; to inspire the upcoming generation of artists; to allow for a break in the daily popularity contests on social media and biased news reports of today’s mainstream media; to make art great again. 

Cheers Hef, have a cold for me wherever you end up and I hope one day, sooner than later, that I can be close to as accomplished and renowned as you are. May you rest in peace and may your legacy live on. 

Phoenix is a legend. He is dedicated to creating scenes that are devised from his imagination, which depending on the day may or may not be NSFW. His passions are Star Wars, paintball, journalism, photography (right?!), jeeps, being from the South, and his dog Trooper Duke. He is fluent in American sarcasm, bacon, and donuts. He's probably eating bacon or donuts as you read this.

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