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Check out the apparel store, grab a shirt, and support veterans, artists, and charity!
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Did you know?!

It’s true! 

Our apparel store is ALIVE!

We have some exciting designs we’re pushing out on our apparel store in the upcoming weeks and following months to keep things cool, comfy, and making statements!

Every purchase from our store for our apparel and other items, a percentage goes to our Volume Sponsored charity. If it’s an independent design created by outside of our staff, that means the other percentage goes to the artist as well!

So, if you’re a proud supporter of our magazine, and stand for helping artists, charity, and veterans, check out the apparel store and see what strikes your fancy!

The charity we’re supporting this volume is Romans Warrior Foundation, which is a veteran organized 501(c)(3) charity that helps veterans in a plethora of support, ranging from supporting natural disasters striking our nation, mass shooting support for victims, or building a site for veterans to gather and enjoy in order to help with trauma from past wounds, mental and physical.

If you know a photographer, a model, a makeup artist, hair stylist, designer, videographer, poet, writer, drawer, painter, musician, share the word about us with them and all your friends! We’d love to see them on our website being featured, or in the magazine itself. And don’t forget to get them a shirt! We’d recommend the Not All Artists Are Equal variants, as it’s true! All artists go about how they create their work in their various skills and each one has a unique story to tell through their mediums.

And if you get a shirt, take a selfie and tag us on social media, there may be a contest down the road where you could win a free digital subscription, posters, a calendar, or other things! 🙂

Check out SOME of the many different options we have so far below, or hit up our apparel store here!

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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