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Photography and Model Competitions
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Livin the Dream Tour 2018

It’s absolutely true. We…..are going…to….

……be going to 34 different cities across the US and Canada. The modeling competitions will have a different theme in each spot. 

Here’s the basics on how we’re doing this: 

First, we won’t be releasing ALL the cities/themes/exact dates all at once, unless you buy Issue 7 (wink wink nudge nudge). The plan for now is to only announce the venues to the teams that enter due to privacy concerns, general public, competition rules, and we’re filming for a TV show – so we don’t want everyone and their cousins trying to get in on the viewing. Sponsors, donors, and teams/staff will be the only ones allowed on site at the venue the day of the competition. 

Competition Teams will have 4 members per team. Each MUST have a model and photographer. Max of one of each model and photographer. The other two members can be assistants, make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, bodypainters, riggers, creative directors, etc. 

Each team will compete under the theme of that city and create a unique shoot for that theme at the venue. There will be a MAX number of teams allowed. This isn’t going to be for anyone wanting to just walk-in off the street. Right now, based on the venues we’ve been selecting and have been able to secure, each city will be capped at 30 total teams. 

Photographers will then have TEN (10) days to return the final set of images to us. No more than 14, no less than 10 images that are final rendered according to our guidelines as they are current during the time of the competition. 

Once the deadline has been met with the competition, the judging panel, consisting of guest judges, professional models, make up artists, stylists, and photographers, as well as our editorial staff, the winners and teams will be notified. Judges will critique the following: styling and theme content, lighting techniques, photography basics, modeling basics, quality of overall work, makeup critique. The cash prize will be electronically delivered, as we will already be two or three competitions away, and the magazine and website features will be published in correlation to our TV show airing. 

There are going to be some restrictions on some things and that will be based on actual venues, themes, and safety. Safety is absolutely critical to us and we want to ensure everyone has a fun, competitive time in a safe environment. Official rules for each competition will be announced 60 days prior to each city/date, and sent out again to the teams themselves once they’ve entered through eventbright. 

Each day will start relatively early for a walk-through of the venue, prep-time, and then competition shooting will commence. The only time limit will be the time limit we have the venue for typically between 6AM-2AM. Once everyone has completed their competition sets, they will be more than welcome to shoot other ideas/themes while there at the venue at no additional cost. There will also be an after party for those that compete as well as their friends, and at some locations, our show will air at the location during or directly after the competition when the season’s begin releasing. 

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day of course, as well as our sponsors may be present or giving us things to give to the teams. 

We will be hosting an Indiegogo campaign shortly, once we’ve given the potential sponsors time to respond to our inquiries, and ticket sales will be getting released approximately 60 days prior to each event. Teams will need to pay for their entry AT LEAST 7 days PRIOR to the event, otherwise – your team will not know where to go, final details, nor will you be allowed entry. 

The tickets will be going towards the cash prize, charity, and depending on how many corporate sponsors we can line up, the production costs. If we are able to raise enough money to get everything jump started, and get enough sponsors, the ticket fees will drop down a bit and will be going solely to our sponsored charity – the veterans organization Romans Warrior Foundation

Once our Indiegogo campaign goes live, we will have perks of course, but if you aren’t able to donate, and you want to support us, please SHARE. 

Below is a video: check it out, give it a looksy, maybe go follow our YouTube channel when you get a minute, share the video, leave a comment, lol. (caveat – no, the show will not be airing on YouTube but it will be airing on an internet/streaming channel/website)


So, what’s the show about, you wonder?

Well, the show will be multi-faceted and layered with some in depth drama, comedy (hilarious as fuck if you ask us), special shout-outs/meet-ups to our donors from the Indiegogo campaign, some insights on how the creative industry seems to function in a digital age, and of course, veterans and others using photography and modeling and other skills as a way to cope or recreate themselves and use their creativity to mold things from their imaginations into things the viewers can enjoy and possibly aspire to be or relate to. 

The show will be available on DVD (one of the perks, perhaps?) once it airs completely and we hope that you tune in to watch the epic-ness that unfolds throughout the trip. We plan on booking some amazing venues or finding some that will sponsor the tour in our cities of selection (you’ll only see the whole list in Issue 7 for now). We will not be coming back to these cities in 2019 at all, and very few, if any, of the themes will be re-done in other cities. 

We really want to be able to showcase the amazing talent that’s across the nation and in other countries that are consistently overlooked by a mass majority of people, and we want to be able to support something good while doing it. 

Without art, there is no culture. We embrace it. We revel in it. We were born in it and molded by it. Most people didn’t come to know and appreciate art until we were already old. 

So. If you’re an artist – model, makeup artist, photographer, stylist, creative director, designer, body painter, special effects guru, rigger, latex lover, gun enthusiast, swimsuit model, fashion model, lingerie model, tattoo model, or aspiring in ANY of those and more, this is something you ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS OUT ON. Seriously. 35 competitions. 34 cities. 4 seasons of a show to start with. Cash Prize. Bragging Rights and a trophy even (yes – a motherfucking badass trophy – shhhh, Jeffrey doesn’t know yet!). Magazine Publication – still get the payout rate! Website feature – yes, still get a payout! Probably of course be on the TV show that (hopefully) hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions based on our target analysis and research) will see (so, take that exposure bucks – almost a worthless currency in 98% of cases). 

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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