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Kamryn Marie's Debut Single TOGETHER
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Kamryn Marie Music

Life. And the songs written from it. 

At the beginning of 2012, approximately, I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman named Kamryn. Ever since, we’ve been quite good friends and have kept in touch on a fairly regular basis, talking to each other and motivating ourselves, going through tough times, good times, and small droughts of not speaking doesn’t seem to phase us, we seem to pick up where we left off every time.

When it came to my attention that Kamryn was beginning her trek into the music industry, as the whole time I’d known her she was an aspiring model and always talked about her love of singing, I was amazed and looked forward to the day I could interview her and hopefully be a good enough writer by then to share a portion of her story to the eyes and minds of hundreds of thousands. 

It’s that time now, and I am proud to say that I know Kamryn and can, without a doubt, say that she has a beautiful soul, a charismatic and genuine smile, and a breathtaking voice. 

I sincerely hope I’m able to do her justice.

Without further adieu, I present Kamryn Marie – woman, model, girlfriend, daughter, friend, musician. 

Kamryn has literally just released her debut single, Together, only yesterday. It is solid mix of pop and rock, easing the listener into a state of melancholy, enhanced only by the sound of her voice. The lyrics describe a couple that have been through hell and back, only to continue moving forward through time on a journey of happiness and, of course, being together. 

This singer-songwiter got it into her mind she wanted to be involved in the music industry at an early age with a strong and steady push, with loving support, from her parents as she was growing up. Her parents used to take her to musicals, which enthralled her lyrically, but she definitely is unsure of actually being on the stage because of it. 

Her journey, officially, kicked off December of 2016, when she started shopping around for sound studios in the DC area. She came across one that she absolutely fell in love with – Song Builder Studios in Catonsville, MD. From there, she began writing, recording, testing, re-recording, slowly finding her hidden and natural talent within the recording booth. 

At first, Kamryn was only wanting to sing and write her music for herself and close friends and family – her parents being her biggest supporters – but after enough of them began encouraging her more, she decided it was time to go more public. In a style and with a sense of purpose and passion that only Kamryn is capable of doing. 

Her hope with going public and getting her songs and music out there is to connect with people lyrically. Her songs are typically written about her own life experiences, and she wants her lyrics and songs to speak to people, to get them to understand that they aren’t the only ones going through situations and that it can happen to a whole lot of us in the world. She wants to be a role model for those that are struggling to get by, when people lose sight, she wants them to hear her songs and feel rejuvenated and to circle back and re-discover their passion for moving forward. 

Kamryn’s own inspiration through music, comes from artists Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, Lauren Alaina, and Gretchen Wilson. While she doesn’t aspire to be them per se, she aspires to be like them while inspiring others through her music, very much like they do with theirs. 

Her debut single Together is written upon her own experience after coming out of a very difficult and mentally challenging relationship, then finding someone that’s so special that she can’t possibly imagine anyone else that she would rather be with. She was able to put all of her past out in the open with him, his acceptance and support, and hoping for the best with each other, and going forward together. 

Below are the links to her website where you can listen to Together for yourself and follow her on social media. When you listen to it, and the lyrics connect with you, I encourage you to go to her website and send her a message or message her on her facebook page. 

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