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Car Calendar Photoshoot
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Car Show Calendar Shoot

Creating a Custom Calendar –
One Car and Model at a time!

Just outside El Paso, TX in a town called Anthony, NM, there’s a shop called Pro-Tech that does custom builds, mechanical work on just about any vehicle you can think of, and likes to support and give back to the community. Every year, they hold an annual car show to raise money for charity and display an awesome variety of custom builds from within the community. 

This year was my first year attending, and alas my last, but I definitely enjoyed it. There was a concert with multiple acts going throughout the day, so many custom cars, custom rigs, bikes, bicycles – yes, custom bicycles, and so much more. 

I got there around 1040 to begin helping set-up for Gio Rhivers, who was hired to take the images for the modeling calendar for the cars and trucks, and we got started shortly thereafter. Each car is just absolutely beautiful as it rolls into the garage and sets-up for the shoot at an angle. The models are wearing the right colors to match paint jobs and styles, it was a good day. It was a busy and a long day, but a good day nonetheless. 

We had some amazing BBQ provided by BLANK – which if they ever decide to do shipments, you should definitely be looking into it, and if you’re ever in El Paso, or driving through on I-10, be sure to swing by and check them out, otherwise you’ll regret it.  

Enjoy the gallery and be sure to catch a better look and see which cars and models made it into the November issue, releasing on November 20th! 

Thanks for having me out Pro-Tech, and thanks for the invite to my friend Gio Rhivers Photography who is actually providing the images for the calendar! 

Stay tuned for Issue 8 to release on November 20th to see more of the shots from this modeling event! 🙂

Phoenix is a legend. He is dedicated to creating scenes that are devised from his imagination, which depending on the day may or may not be NSFW. His passions are Star Wars, paintball, journalism, photography (right?!), jeeps, being from the South, and his dog Trooper Duke. He is fluent in American sarcasm, bacon, and donuts. He's probably eating bacon or donuts as you read this.

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