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Music Feature: The Rewind

The Rewind

The Rewind is currently in a contest in order to be an opening act for Pop Evil when they will be performing in Lincoln, Nebraska on December 2! Help them get there by going to this link and voting for The Rewind!

Read more about them below in their own words!

Patrick Austin (Bass Guitar) – I’ve been playing bass guitar since I was about 14, when I began attending a youth program called the Academy of Rock. That gave me the platform to meet and play with other musicians around my age group while also expanding my own playing style through exposure to different genres of music. While The Rewind is definitely a rock group, I personally come from a diverse background of bass styles, including disco, funk, punk rock, jazz, and ska. I hope to be a part of The Rewind as we release new music and play around the Midwest. At some point, I hope that we will be able to establish a nationwide tour.

Alex Carroll (Lead Guitar, Vocals) – I got into music when I was first exposed to old hard rock music when I was kid. It was far different from anything else I was hearing on the radio at the time, and it was just powerful. After enough exposure, I eventually wanted to stop playing air guitar, and pickup a real guitar. I had never really been able to stick with any hobbies for a long time before, until I picked up a guitar. I was self-taught, with the help of books, videos, guitar tabs, and the drive to learn. As I’ve gotten older, I continuously expanded my horizons as far as the types of music I’ve listened to. In terms of my style, I’d say I naturally play my favorite elements of my favorite bands, and it ends up creating this old hard rock foundation and roots, mixed with more modern flavoring and styling. I some things I feel that I like to incorporate into my music are nice meaty guitar tones, a good catchy riff, melodic chord structures, and a good old fashioned guitar solo. My day job is an industrial electrician at a rubber factory, with a degree in Electro-mechanical technology. However, if odds are even slightly in our favor, I would leave my job in hopes of reaching success with my band. A goal I have is to be able to make a sustaining income to pay my mortgage, bills, and what not, while also playing music for a living full time. I also hope that we will get recognized by someone higher up, that sees great potential in us, and can help us advance in the music industry. My bandmates and I are working hard to make our second album even far better than our debut, and I can’t wait to see where this band will take me.

Brett Lowe (Drums, Vocals) – I am the drummer of The Rewind and have been involved in music of some nature since I was in 1st Grade; taking piano lessons. I moved to percussion in 5th grade and haven’t looked back. Been playing music for at least 20 years, which included band at the collegiate level. I grew up on country music, but heard a Boston album in my teen years and have been obsessed with classic rock ever since. After playing my first show with this band in April 2015, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Josh Decker (Lead Singer, Guitar, Keyboard) – I am the lead singer/guitarist of The Rewind and I have been involved in music since I was five years old and only beginning piano lessons, not knowing that there was such an incredible journey ahead. I grew up on bands like The Eagles, Bad Company, and the Steve Miller Band, but the moment I can recall having a revelation of sorts was when I first saw an Aerosmith music video in the fifth grade. From that moment on, I was absolutely enthralled by all of the elements of rock n’ roll that, up to that point, I hadn’t fully understood. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry brought it all together and helped me realize that music is what I want to do.

The Rewind’s debut album, Casting Shadows, was released with Tremulant Records on September 1st of this year. It features eleven songs that were written over the course of the five years they’ve been together as a band and represents everything from poppy, upbeat rock tunes to full-on, heavy rock songs. The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, and can be streamed on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music. They are currently in the process of writing music for their second album, which is tentatively set to be recorded in the fall or winter of 2018. 

Ultimately, the band would like to tour across the country and visit every state in the U.S., but for the time being, they’re planning on doing a couple of runs through the Midwest in the summer or fall of 2018. At the moment, they’re looking into performances in Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, and a number of college towns in Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota. Eventually, they will start extending their tours further across the country until they get to places like New York and California.

Photo coverage credit goes to J. Pics Photography – See more of their work here!

Interview/Bios were solely turned in and furnished by the band members themselves. It’s rare you find incredible talent in both the describing of themselves and their music! 

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