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Digital Copies ONLY $2!

Sale ends Monday at 11:59PM Pacific! 


By Elan Vital in Kreativ

48 pages, published 11/15/2017

Kreativ welcomes you to its first issue! This issue is the conceptual special edition of Elan Vital Magazine, although, starting in April 2018, we will be releasing our Debut Issue of Volume One of Kreativ, a standalone magazine with monthly conceptual based themes. Each issue will feature amazing examples of conceptual photography, articles and interviews to empower women, and others, all over the globe. One of our many goals is to publish…
Elan Vital Magazine All Hallows Eve

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

76 pages, published 10/29/2017

Twelve - yes 12 - full length features from artists across the globe. Check out our All Hallows Eve Special Edition 2017. From ghoulish, to fashion, these artistic views on what makes Halloween one of the most popular holidays around the world will be sure to leave you breathless. Every copy sold, means more money raised for veteran's, a veteran's charity, and the artists that made it happen!
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 7

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

64 pages, published 10/19/2017

This issue is PACKED with 8 features of AMAZINGLY talented models and photographers from the world over. Support their artwork by getting a copy as well as supporting a veterans charity called Romans Warrior Foundation! Don't just scroll by, this is an issue you won't want to miss! Not only are there 8 GORGEOUS features, we'll be revealing early details about our upcoming modeling tour next year spanning across 34 cities in the US and Canada!…
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 6

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

64 pages, published 9/18/2017

Featuring an ever-widening display of international talent of Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists, Designers, Stylists and more, Elan Vital brings you the thickest issue yet. Issue 6 sets range from Fetish to Conceptual, interviews of TV Stars and more. Come check out the work of over 20 different artists in this halfway-through Issue of Volume 1.
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 5

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

52 pages, published 8/17/2017

Issue 5 is featuring 8 contributors from around the globe - New York, Texas, California, Wisconsin, United Kingdom, Canada. There's a total of 9 models featured, 2 wardrobe designers, several make up artists and hair stylists, as well as the photographers themselves. So, check it out! By purchasing a copy, you'll be supporting veterans, a veteran owned business, the artists themselves that contributed, as well as the charity!
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 4

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

52 pages, published 7/18/2017

Absolutely breathtaking work this issue, called the Freedom Edition (in support of our patriotism and our own support to veterans of the military worldwide), there are 8 different veteran or currently serving contributions along with their bios on how they got started in their specific art form. Give it a read and enjoy the images between the covers and hopefully you will find some inspiration and be amazed how these warriors are now artists!
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 3

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

52 pages, published 6/20/2017

International Modeling Magazine dedicated to brings you pictorials and editorials from around the globe of independent artists! Every issue sold means we also donate a portion to a charity! Grab a copy and support art and veterans and #makeartgreatagain
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 2

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

52 pages, published 5/20/2017

Issue 2 of Elan Vital Magazine featuring different modeling sets from a variety of outstanding photographers and models!
Elan Vital Magazine Issue 1

By Elan Vital in Volume 1

52 pages, published 4/23/2017

Modeling Magazine
Kandie's Calendar

By Elan Vital in Calendars

28 pages, published 11/1/2017

Kandie's custom calendar for 2018 available now! A portion of the proceeds goes to charity!

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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