Elan Vital Media | Wk 37: Gods Gift
Gods Gift, Poet and Model: Alonzo Wright Photographer: Nikki Decker
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Poetry Feature: God’s Gift

The art of poetry dates back as far as the 20th century B.C.

God’s Gift is an eloquent piece written by Alonzo Wright that you won’t want to miss out on.

God’s Gift

We are the moon that dips our pen

Into the dark ink of the night

And write stars into existence

We speak summer breeze and spring rain

That blows change in every direction

And dreams see us in their nocturnal visions

So we plagiarize these words from our thoughts to save them

Ink and immortalize them on paper

Like the wind talking to nature

We are not seen but felt

Our presence in the present

Makes our past that much more heartfelt


And we’re God’s gift to the world

Poet and Model: Alonzo Wright

Photographer: Nikki Decker

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