Elan Vital Media | Wk 41: From Trouble To Beauty
Wk 41: From Trouble To Beauty, Boudoir feature starring Hayle Nacole Schmitz photographed by Hal Masover Photography.
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Wk 41: From Trouble To Beauty

This weeks feature is starring tattooed model Hayle Nacole Schmitz showing us good things can come from bad situations photographed by Hal Masover Photography. Be sure to check out these two artist in our January Issue released on January 20th! 

Hayle Nacole Schmitz’s parents were drug addicts.  A tough and ugly way to come into and up in the world. 

And then her father suddenly got off drugs and became a preacher.  “If I could say anybody inspired me it would be my dad.  He always made sure I had aspirations.” 

The most important thing in Hayle’s life is music.  She aspires to be an audio engineer.  

Shooting with models introduces me to a wide variety of people so during my sessions I tend to ask models questions about themselves.  It both satisfies my curiosity about the person on the other side of my lens, and it can inform my vision of them, of how I want to portray them. 

Like many people Hayle sometimes deals with nervousness by talking – a lot!  But I’ve noticed that this occurs at the beginning of shoots.  Once we get going and she settles in, the chattering dies and normal model photographer dialogue sets in.  But during those first minutes when she is nervously chattering, interesting things pop out.

“The most important thing you are handed in life is to love and to be yourself and nobody else.”

But maybe the one that caught me up short for a moment was when I asked her some questions for this article.  I asked her who her inspiration was.  Many young girls have a celebrity role model and that’s what I thought I’d hear.  Instead she said, “I’ve always used my own mind to be my own inspiration because I only get one of me.”

In case the words on her chest aren’t particularly clear, here they are.  “Oh Sweet Angel of Mercy, with your grace like the morning, wrap your loving arms around me.”  Powerful words for anyone, but perhaps most powerful for this young beauty from troubled beginnings. 


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