Elan Vital Media | February Issue of EVM release
February Issue of Elan Vital Magazine
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Issue 11 Releases! A Lil’ Bit of Everything

Like Swimsuit Models? No problem!

Like Conceptual Modeling? No Problem!

Like Boudoir Modeling? No Problem!

Like Cosplay? No Problem!

This issue is packed with our top picks from the external submissions for our Open Theme February Issue. As a courtesy reminder, ALL of our magazines and calendars are currently on SALE until February 28, 2018. March 1st, Magazines will go back to regular price, and the calendars for 2018 will no longer be available! Consider getting a copy of that back issue you’ve had your mind awhile, or get one of our four calendar options to track your important dates for the rest of 2018!

In case you weren’t tracking, a majority of our profits generated from all of our sales goes towards a veterans charity! For Volume 1, it’s Romans Warrior Foundation! For the latest Issue, click here: FEBRUARY ISSUE or click the image below!

Cover Model: Tasha Quezada; Photography by Gio Rhivers

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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