Elan Vital Media | Wk 51: Our Girl Next Door.
Wk 51: Our Girl Next Door, boudoir/fashion feature photographed by Jim Hartman and starring Rhiannon Wood.
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Wk 51: Our Girl Next Door

Most guys are attracted to the “Girl Next Door” type, but the billion-dollar question is, “Does such a woman exist or is she some idealized and unattainable dream that men have created?” 

Well look no further than this week’s feature to find out why model Rhiannon Wood is on our short list for the perfect girl next door.  Photographer Jim Hartman submits a set that will have you smitten with neighborly infatuation and knocking on Rhiannon’s door asking for a cup of sugar. 

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Photographer Bio: Jim Hartman is a Northern Virginia-based photographer & filmmaker who is also active in DC and Philadelphia. He began as a sports and landscape photographer but recently began collaborating with models and now thinks landscapes are dumb (not really). Jim started his career as a writer and content developer, composing trivia questions and photoshopping nude photos for a video game company (really). He bought his first Canon camera in 2012 but didn’t meet his true soulmate until he made the switch to a Fujifilm XT-2 in 2016, on which he also shot his first short film. He used to tell people that he was a natural light photographer but was really just secretly afraid of off-camera flash (speedlights – how do they work?) but has since overcome his fears. Jim’s goal is to rid the world of Snapchat filters….or just Snapchat in general.


Model Bio: Rhiannon Wood is a model and makeup artist based in Northern Virginia who not-so-secretly aspires to be an actress. With experience in fashion, editorial, runway, glamour, and boudoir modeling, Rhiannon is super-versatile, highly-creative and believes in the healing power of a good whiskey. She’s an avid music fan, counting First Aid Kit, Pinback, and Lynyrd Skynyrd among her favorites.

Photographer – Jim Hartman


Model & MUA: Rhiannon Wood

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