Elan Vital Media | Wk 52: Ribbons
Wk 52: Ribbons, Alternative Art/Fashion photography by Pitch Black Images featuring Kayotic Tragedy.
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Wk 52: Ribbons

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

Sometimes our shadows can be our greatest teacher.  This feature shows us how Model Kayotic Tragedy and Photographer Pitch Black Images are developing that type originality in the modeling world.  Elan Vital welcomes art from all genres, a lot of which can be seen right here on our website so don’t miss out and check out our features, both past and present every week.

From makeup to homemade costumes and props, Kayotic Tragedy is created from all sorts of artistic visions and concepts. Ribbons is merely the beginning of the creativity that is to come from further shoots that focus in the realms of fantasy, steampunk and horror. However, Ribbons was a special shoot. Meant to portray a kayotic love of the wolf and the tragedy of becoming one with the beast. Through transformation, Little Red shall endure the curse of immortality and the horrid world of isolation that comes with it.


Originally Kayotic developed Kayotic Arts to showcase her morbid and unique art style through sketches, finished drawings, paintings, glass etching and tattoos. Then, with the help and encouragement of Pitch Black Images she realized she could bring her art to life in the modeling world as well. Thus the birth of the Kayotic Tragedy. A unique short, plus-sized model with an alternative flare. Outside of modeling she is a young junior tattooist who specializes in black and white tattoos, she also does custom artwork in many forms from clothing, to glasses, and even hand crafted posters.

Model and Makeup Artist: Kayotic Tragedy





Photographer: Pitch Black Images (Cruz Gonzalez)



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