Elan Vital Media | Wk 53: Not Just A Pretty Face.
Feature Model Chloe Nicole tells her story!
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Wk 53: Not Just A Pretty Face

Unlike the maidens of medieval times, model Chloe Nicole isn’t passively waiting for a knight in shining armor to solve her problems. She’s an accomplished, powerful, and confident woman who’s showing the modeling industry that she’s not just a pretty face. Read her article and check out her selections photographed on-scene by Duane Minch and studio portraiture by Eric Dawson to judge for yourself.  If you’re interested in being model like Chloe, you can begin by purchasing some of our fashion. Just click the “shop” link above and shop some of our awesome apparel.

What does it mean to be a model? It’s just another pretty face and perfect body right? No, it’s being beautiful on the inside and expressing it on the outside too. It’s being able to have confidence in yourself within every single aspect. Your looks, personality, confidence, everything! Anyone can smile for a picture. Let’s use me for example. In middle school I used to be terribly insecure, more than the average person. I classified myself as a “perfectionist” but only about my looks. It would take me five plus hours to get ready before leaving the house. Even if it were just to go to the grocery store and back. Looks were everything. I would make my boyfriend wait outside for hours at a time before coming out to see him, so I would look what I thought was “perfect”. Even then I would only let him walk on my left side where my bangs were because that was my better side. I wasn’t just insecure and a big perfectionist.


As time went on, it seemed to get worse and worse. I didn’t want to fall into the stereotype of getting in a relationship and stop caring about your looks anymore. We got engaged and that’s when I realized something needed to change. What’s a better way to overcome your fear then looking it dead in the eye. I started doing freelance modeling with local photographers and my confidence started to rise, but not in the way I had imagined. I beat my insecurity! It wasn’t because of the makeup or the hair or the pretty clothes. It was because I found myself. I didn’t need modeling classes to do this. I didn’t want my look to be staged or memorize a series of poses. I wanted to be my own person and show expression that I meant from the heart. I wanted to share my story with the world through art. Modeling for me is a life lesson. It teaches you that looks aren’t everything but confidence and believing in yourself is. That’s the true definition of beauty! Who is anyone to say that you’re not perfect? –Chloe Nicole

On-Scene/Outdoor –  Duane Minch –   Facebook
Studio Portraiture – Eric Dawson –   Website  Instagram


Model: Chloe Nicole –   Facebook   Instagram

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