Elan Vital Media | Wk 55: Pretty, Pretty Pinups
Wk 55: Pretty, Pretty Pinups, Pinup pictorial photographed by Missy Terry and featuring Jess Perales and Lizzy Killgore.
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Wk 55: Pretty, Pretty Pinups

The retro pinup genre has been experiencing a revival.
Many women have taken pinup and embraced it as a way to express feminine strength, beauty, and of course, sensuality.
It’s an art perfected by the many talented boudoir and glamour photographers like Missy Terry.


In this set, Missy shows us how models Jess and Lizzy embrace their sensuality and proves that women are more than just sex objects.


If you like reading about these types of strong positive women, then look no further. Every week Elan Vital features women who are making a difference and openly invites all women to share their stories with us.

https://www.facebook.com/jessica.perales.98 (Model& MUAH Jess Perales)


https://www.facebook.com/lizzy.killgore.7 (Model & MUAH Lizzy Killgore)


https://www.facebook.com/missyterry1313 (Photographer Missy Terry)

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