Elan Vital Media | Wk 56: Havana
Wk 56: Havana, fashion pictorial portraying the location of Havana, Cuba photographed by Nicholas Stark and starring model Eva Von Rose.
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Wk 56: Havana

If there is one thing that can make a super sexy classic car even more glamourous, it’s a beautiful model sunbathing on the hood. Photographer Nicholas Stark and model Eva Von Rose channel an exotic tropical destination in this week’s feature. After viewing these pictures, all you’ll want to do is escape to mysterious and vibrant Havana.


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The joke during the shooting of Havana was that it was ‘hotter than Havana’ when we were shooting. I’d meant to say it was ‘hotter than hell’ but between the heat, the four hour shoot we were all exhausted from just nearly completing, and the fact that the song, Havana, had been playing non-stop on the radio for weeks – the joke stuck. Cuba, on the day of the shoot, probably would have been a vacation in comparison. Nearly ninety degrees, under full sun for the entire duration of the shoot, the model constantly enduring lights and reflectors, and the humidity oppressive – ‘Havana’ nearly took us all out. But the result was what I consider the culmination, the apex, of my entire body of work as a photographer. Even now I can’t fathom topping it. But even more than that, Havana was the dream. The staggering location (a genuine 1950s era Lustron home lovingly kept by an amazing couple), the full set (lights, reflectors, my ladder), a gorgeous and outrageously talented model, two people to assist on set (usually I have no such luxury) – it was everything I’d wanted to achieve in my wild dreams of someday traveling around the world being paid to shoot for magazine editorials. A year later, and nothing has topped the experience (or the results) of Havana.


Extra special mentions to the model, who practically endured the fires of hell, to shoot Havana. Eva Von Rose also did her own makeup, provided the wardrobe and props, and also provided her unwavering professionalism and perseverance.


And to the couple, our hosts for Havana, there are no words to express all of our thanks, love, and gratitude for your amazing generosity. For treating us all so well, for your kindness, and for allowing us to shoot with your gorgeous Lustron home – Havana wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for preserving the Lustron history.


Nicholas Stark, Photographer

Photographer; Nicholas STARK
fb @ nicholasSTARKphotographer


Model; Eva Von Rose
Makeup; Eva Von Rose
Wardrobe; Eva Von Rose
fb @ evavonrose

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