Elan Vital Media | Wk 56: Along for the Ride.
Wk 56: Along for the Ride, Urban Exploration meets Fashion Model photography. Abandoned buildings and cars being used as back drops for EVM Promo Model Emily Perry and Photographer Earl Wayne Crabtree II.
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Wk 56: Along for the Ride

You’ve seen EVM Promo Model Emily looking perfect in her “Room With A View” boudoir pictorial, but have you seen her doing a little urban exploration? Her down-to-earth vibe shines through no matter what she’s doing. Game for any situation, Emily has fun at a local auto graveyard.


This set also showcases the talents of amazing photographer Earl Wayne Crabtree II.


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Model: Emily Kathleen Perry
IG: @ekvpmodel


Photographer: Earl Wayne Crabtree II
IG: @earltreecrab

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