Elan Vital Media | Wk 58: Girls Love That Candy Red ‘Vette!
Wk 58: Girls Love That Candy Red ‘Vette!, a group photo set photographed by Hal Masover and featuring models Geneva Grace, Samantha Schiek and Jill Nguyen. Showcasing a candy red Corvette.
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Wk 58: Girls Love That Candy Red ‘Vette!

What makes a good photographic set?


The work must be inspired, beautiful to look at, and deeply emotive. Photographer Hal Masover takes his turn this week inspiring us. He really cares about whatever he’s shooting.


Hal uses his skills to communicate to us a story of three women (Geneva Grace, Samantha Schiek, and Jill Nguyen) and a red corvette through composition, lighting, and his article.  


Good photographs put you in a particular moment in time, they tell a story, and they speak to your emotions. Hal successfully does all of the above. 


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The Apollo School Shoot #2 was held in the old empty Apollo High School in Burlington Iowa on April 28th and 29th. The old school is still pretty structurally sound and so makes a great playground for a bunch of models and photographers.


We announced in advance that Scott Raymond Reeves would be bringing his Harley for models to pose with, and Randy DeVoss was bringing his gorgeous 1974 Road Runner. But when I told the girls that my friend William was bringing a candy red Corvette, “Oooooo! Really? That’s my favorite!”


Geneva particularly loves fast cars. A full time cashier and part time aspiring model Geneva was first on the scene with the pretty red car. She is an Iowa City native who loves her country deeply. When I asked her what was it about the ‘Vette she liked so much she answered, “Anything that moves fast and looks pretty.” Well, Geneva is also a dancer. Later she did some leaps for me across decrepit old hallways so, I guess that’s you Geneva. Moving fast and looking pretty!


Fair haired Samantha in the long black dress also hails from Iowa City. She was raised in Springfield, IL but returned to the city of her birth and by day works for the University of Iowa.
Samantha likes creative endeavors that allow her to tell a story. As a model she tries to do that with her poses. Hmmm, flashy red sports car and pretty girls. Hey Samantha! You don’t have to try very hard to tell this story!


And finally we have Jill, another Iowa City resident. Born in Souix City, Iowa, Jill is a student at the University of Iowa where she will be graduating this summer, but plans to go back to school to study cosmetic dentistry. Jill feels strongly about her Asian heritage. Modeling is a way for promote awareness of and to represent Asians in the media, where she feels they are very underrepresented. Here, let’s listen to Jill talk about this in her own words, “These days, the media underrepresents asians and we fall under stereotypes that do not validate us. I want to be a voice and image that defies this while being confidently beautiful and positive.”


Looking at these photos I see three girls happy to be pretty with a pretty red car. The earth was a bit wobbly until that moment. Now all is right and good. Thanks girls! ~Hal Masover

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