Elan Vital Media | WK 59: Dark Sunset
WK 59: Dark Sunset, Bec Dizzle modeling a bikini by a pond in a collaboration with photographer Richard Weilbacher.
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WK 59: Dark Sunset

Bec Dizzle has been shot in sensational snaps for a while. She shines this week in a bikini that isn’t exactly family fare for her latest sequence of modeling shots in collaboration with photographer Richard Weilbacher.


Bec’s shimmering frame catches the sunlight that highlights the curves that make her famous. She even matched her makeup to her bikini.


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Some of the things that can give us the most joy can come at such unexpected times! If I am being honest, I was a little stressed out about this photoshoot because during this past week it seems everything that could go wrong, did.


One of those things is the childcare for my step-son, so he had to accompany me to the photoshoot.


Although I was anxious and a bit frazzled, the amazing photographer, turned my frustration into a contagiously positive energy that I feel shows in the photos. My step-son, being 4 years old, was very excited to be a part of such important adult things that he couldn’t seem to keep himself out of the pictures! He turned him into his little helper and they became quite a creative pair!


It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to work with professionals who understand that models have a life when they aren’t behind the camera and that it sometimes gets complicated. The photographer was not only willing to work with my situation but made it fun for everyone involved! This is what a creative collaboration should be! ~Bec Dizzle

Photographer, Richard Weilbacher: https://www.facebook.com/rweilbacher


Model, Bec Dizzle: https://www.facebook.com/Bec.dizzle1

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