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WK 60: Summertime, beach frolic photo set featuring Brittni Carraway.
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WK 60: Summertime

Can you feel it? Summer is here. I’m sure you’ve noticed how sexy women look on these beautiful days when they drop layers of clothing and swap their sweaters and jeans for light sundresses and bathing suits.


Exclusiv Promo Model Manager, Brittni Carraway shows us how to look hot in the blazing summer heat without breaking a sweat.


Is it possible for you to dress on the hot summer days in a way that make people say “Wow, who’s that guy/girl?”




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Drums please!  It’s summer time! A time where you were a kid and you did have to worry about waking up and 5 am for school.  A time where you went to places that you never been before like Florida, California or Europe.  A time where you waited for that big hit movie blockbuster to come out since winter.  A time where you went to summer camps and met people that are still in your life today.  A time where people relax, recover, rebound, reinvent and any other words that starts with “Re”.  A time where people find love and hope.  A time of change.  That is what summer is all about. ~Brittni Carraway

Model: Brittni Carraway
Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/brittni.caraway
Instagram- Brittgirl612
Twitter- Brittnic612

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