Elan Vital Media | Indianapolis Pride Parade Coverage 2018
Coverage of the June 2018 Indianapolis Pride Parade
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Indy Pride Coverage

Coverage of the Indianapolis Pride Parade, June 2018, by Shaena Rae

Amanda Rae is a trans woman and model in Indianapolis who I am lucky to call my partner in life. I have stood beside her as I have watched her and the other beautiful trans people in my life walk among a society that often tells them that pride is the absolute last thing they should have for themselves. Trying to explain to someone who isn’t a member of the LGBT community why pride is so important is a struggle. But the feeling of seeing these flags held high by trans men and women and seeing them cheered on as they walk along the same streets that they regularly experience harassment and violence is a feeling that is often only experienced during pride.


One of the magical parts of Pride is the ability to be unapologetically yourself and unapologetically in love among a community who shares your experience.  Outside of the safety of Pride, being out can be a nerve wracking experience. Trans people are constantly being told that they don’t belong and as an out lesbian couple holding hands in public often is seen an invitation for comments, stares, and uncomfortable advances. Pride is so unique in that for one day you are no longer the minority. Suddenly walls you didn’t even realize were up come down and you realize the power in community. 

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