Elan Vital Media | WK 63: Solid and Phresh
WK 63: Solid and Phresh, urban exploration photoset featuring Angie Erickson and photographed by Fotosmurf aka Derrick L Mims photography.
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WK 63: Solid and Phresh.

Veteran and photographer Fotosmurf managed to amp up model Angie Erickson sex appeal with his latest photoshoot, while Angie flaunts her enviable curves every chance she gets. To be fair, if we had her figure, we’d show it off too. Click through to see Fotosmurf’s sexiest pics so far this year.


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The US Army has provided me with so many things over the past 20 plus years, so I’m forever grateful. I enlisted back in 1994 as an Aircraft Structural Repairer and advanced through the ranks to supervising roles in Army Aviation. My career has taken me to Korea and surrounding countries, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, Czech and Hungary. There have been 5 different deployments to include, Kuwait, Iraq (x2) and Afghanistan (x2). When I joined, I wanted to travel and see the world so it was by no coincidence that I spent 18 years outside the continental United States. 


Since high school, I was always interested in photography. My first SLR came while I was in South Korea so that was the start of my photography journey. Once I made it to Europe, I took a more serious role and began working with numerous models and photographers.  It was there that I transitioned to my first DSLR and as they say, the rest is history.


Some of my biggest accomplishments have been working in different countries, winning photography contests, and being published in numerous magazines. ~Photographer: Derrick L. Mims (Fotosmurf)

Model: Angie Erickson
IG: @angiee_erickson


Photographer: Derrick L. Mims
IG: @fotosmurf @derricklmimsphotography


Wardrobe: Top from Phresh Hippie @phreshhippie

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