Elan Vital Media | WK 63: Cemetery Chic
WK 63: Cemetery Chic, Cemetery photoshoot, featuring model Carli Pendergrass and photographed by David Coates.
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WK 63: Cemetery Chic

These cemetery pictures capture model Carli amidst graves, tombs and headstones. The setting is slightly eerie, but veteran and photographer David Coates has managed to create a classy vibe.


These photos capture more than a standard model in a cemetery, They are composed and stylish, considering that just a few feet beneath her are dead bodies.


These kinds of photoshoots explore a realm that many photographers chose not to enter, but this light and tasteful mix is compelling.


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After having been interested in photography for most of my life, I finally got a DSLR for my birthday from my wife. I started getting serious about 1 year ago, when I met Carli, the model in this series, for the first time. She had just started modeling and we embarked on out creative journey together.


I am a US Army Veteran serving 8 years as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. Unfortunately, most of what I did I am not able to discuss, but it was some of the most exciting and fulfilling missions in the Army today.


I love the process of photography and the ability to take an idea and make it reality. ~Photographer David Coates 

Model: Carli Pendergrass

FB: /https://www.facebook.com/carli.pendergrass

IG: @Carlichey17


Photographer: David Coates

FB: /https://www.facebook.com/darnell.coolidge

IG: @ubergeekydude


Location: Mt. Olivet Cemetery

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