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WK 64: Caroleena Kay, patriotic photoshoots photographed by Master Pixel Imaging featuring Caroleena Kay.
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WK 64: Caroleena Kay

The word “patriot” is often used to describe someone’s commitment and love for their country.


Veteran and model Caroleena Kay shows her love for this great country by sporting camouflage and red, white, and blue! Her beauty is blinding because it comes from her heart and is reflected in her patriotism. (photography by Master Pixel Imaging)


Respect for the flag, a desire to see your nation succeed, and a deep, abiding love of your country are all patriotic expressions, being patriotic doesn’t mean you think your country’s perfect — just that you love it.


You can show your patriotism and support for veterans like Caroleena by purchasing our “Vets Only” and “Patriotic as Fuck!” issues coming soon.  They’ll showcase the photographic talents of our veterans and honor our heroes by improving their quality of life through your donations.


Here is a direct link to your favorite issues of our magazine!



Carolyn Keith (Caroleena Kay) is a mother of 5 and a US Army veteran. Carolyn served in the Army of the United States for over 4 years. A Washington State native, she now resides in Kentucky and is active in the Army Reserves. Carolyn has been modeling since she was 16 years old and has been published several times nationally. When we approached her to shoot this concept, Patriotic as F**** , for the magazine she was excited to get back in front of the camera, as she just had her daughter in April. Rockin’ bod for a mom of 5!


Carolyn is a long time friend of Master Pixel Imaging, and in her spare time she enjoys making organic beauty products. Her products can be seen on  IG @growing.beauty.skincare.~PENNY SUE TOWER (Master Pixel Imaging)

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