Elan Vital Media | WK 64: Ms. Independence
WK 64: Ms. Independence, Patriotic themed portraiture photographed by Tiffany Robb and featuring Alanna Gannaway.
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WK 64: Ms. Independence

We all live in a world where symbols convey meaning. They surround us every day. They convey meanings of countless things in our everyday life. Symbols linger in our minds to remind us of an image in our mind and connect our feelings to a given object event.


For Americans, such symbols are our flag, the Bald Eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and now, thanks to photographer Tiffany B Robb, these images of model Alanna Gannaway.  These photos serve as symbols to bond Americans together and give us a feeling of national pride and patriotism.


You can also show your patriotism by purchasing our “Vets Only” and “Patriotic as Fuck!” issues coming soon.  They’ll showcase the photographic talents of our veterans and honor our heroes by improving their quality of life through your donations.


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FB: Tiffany B Robb photography https://www.facebook.com/tbrphoto1/
Instagram: Mistifyme68 https://www.instagram.com/mistifyme68/
Web: TBR Photography http://www.tbrphotography.com/


Model Alanna Gannaway https://www.facebook.com/ModelAlannaG


Assistant. Miranda Stansbury and Ying Chien


Stylist Tiffany Robb and Miranda Stansbury


MUA Alanna Gannaway


Hair. Princess Neal

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