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WK 65: American Pride, Patriotic portraits featuring Katie Durham and photographed by Chris Whicker.
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WK 65: American Pride

Small town Kentucky girl Katie Durham, is showing her American Pride! Red, White and Blue with a cold Coca-Cola. (Photography by Chris Whicker)


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My Name is Chris Whicker, Im a Photographer out of Richmond KY. I’ve been shooting part time now for four years on this business side but have been into photography since I was a kid. I graduated from a small high School in Eastern KY in 1993 called Allen Central High School. After Graduation, I didn’t know exactly where life was going to take me. This was a very hard decision for me to make. I was torn between wanting to pursue my dream as a full-time musician or play it safe and stay in rural Kentucky and work in the coal mines. So, I joined the Army and left three months later after Graduation. My MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) was a Bradley Turret Mechanic. I specialized in working on the weapons systems of the vehicle while assisting with maintaining the vehicle’s engine. My first year in the Army I served in Camp Casey Korea. After my year tour, I returned back the states where I would finish out my five-year enlistment at Ft. Stewart GA. 


Shortly after my enlistment, I began college where I studied Criminal Justice at Eastern Ky University. On obtaining my BA in applied science, I began applying to local, state and federal agencies. In 2004 I was hired by the Berea Police Dept where I have served for 14 years now. I have two boys Spencer who is 4 yo, and Kixson who is 2 yo, and married to my best friend Allee.


This shoot was inspired by my love for this country and my community. I’ve given the better part of my life serving and protecting this great nation. Red, White and Blue have has always been my favorite colors. My favorite thing is to see Old Glory on a pole, waving in the wind with the sun shining down. I truly believe this is the greatest country on this earth.


A little about the location of the shoot. The shoot was done on Battlefield Memorial Park located in Richmond Ky. Battlefield encompasses part of the civil war battlefield in Madison Co KY. The house that sits in the middle of the park, served as a hospital on the battlefield.


Now about the beautiful model Katie Durham. Katie who is a recent graduate of Madison Central High School has been modeling for several years. Katie is also a dancer and competes nationally. Katie has been accepted to Alabama will be starting her first year in college this coming August. Also in this set was a very good friend and mentor Bob McKinley. Bob who is terrific photographer took a back seat with this shoot and helped with lighting and made sure the model was comfortable. He helped with many technical aspects of the shoot.

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