Elan Vital Media | WK 65: Patriotism Encaged
WK 65: Patriotism Encaged, nude portraits photographed in a prison by Sean Sato, featuring Jennifer Jones.
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WK 65: Patriotism Encaged

Photographer Sean Sato, renowned for his disarmingly sexy combination of nudity and distressed environments, brings together sophistication and edgy in a carefully curated feature starring one of the finest models with eclectic range and jaw-dropping sex appeal today, Jennifer Jones


These professionals artists always seek out new experiences that push boundaries, to impress their viewers.


Our Veterans Issue has been released!


All of the contributors that submitted to this issue are veteran’s of the military of their home country. Not only dedicated to defending their fellow citizens, patriotic, and badass, they’re continuing to amaze the world by creating epic artwork – featured here in EVM exclusively. From inked and swimsuit models to babes with guns, this issue will be sure to leave you wanting more! Included in the features are short bios about each of the veteran submitters! Remember, every issue downloaded and shipped to a house, means more terrorists dead – cause they absolutely hate art and raising money for veteran’s charities.

Cover Model Arianna Clendennen; Photography by Chris Lemmer

To love our country is to be patriotic. Simple as that. There are much we can do or say to make our country a better place. But in today’s political climate, half-truths spreading over the media, and ever changing regulations, our actions are limited. Our hands are tied by the bonds of political correctness, and our vision is obscured. We are like beings put in invisible cages, limiting our patriotism.


Sean Sato: California photographer, urban explorer. Has a knack of shooting nudes in abandoned places, contrasting the softness of the human form against the harsh environment.


Jennifer Jones: Travelling art model. Proficient with posing and love new ideas. Adventurous and boldly explores new ideas, and obscured locations.


Together we found an abandoned prison in California and created images that reflect our idea. ~Sean Sato

Model: Jennifer Jones instagram.com/jjenjones


Photographer: Sean Sato instagram.com/mechasean

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