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EVM Release of the Patriotic issue
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Patriotic as Fuck

To sum up the issue in a sentence: if this isn’t considered patriotic, then nothing is. 

Have you ever thought, what does being patriotic mean? Well, we have. So, we put it out to the masses and asked for contributions, far and wide. This year’s Patriotic Issue combines the essence of sexy with the pride-swelling awesomeness of Americana. From classy boudoir, to artistic nudes with the stars and stripes herself, to good ol’ fashioned bombshell pinup with American bombers, and more, this issue is sure to make you more proud of being an American artist and be inspired possibly for our next Patriotic issue! 

So, round up a friend or sit back and pet your dog, while you scroll across the screen in amazement at the stories these artists have to tell, visually, and written. It’s sure to leave your heart swelling with pride and your mind taken away to a different place. 

Plus, every issue downloaded and shipped means more funding raised for veterans charity and the contributors themselves! Who doesn’t like helping starving artists and veterans?! It’s a win-win! 

Guaranteed to annoy terrorists and offend some people. And inspire a lot more! 

Get your copy today by clicking the image below! You’ll thank yourself later! 

Cover Model Amber Smith; Photography by Jonathan Tedder
Back Cover Model Karma Courtesy; Photography by Bradley Ferguson

Elan Vital is a magazine that is dedicated to bringing you tutorials in modeling, photography, make-up artistry, hair styling, wardrobe designing, and more. In addition to these articles, we will also be focusing on artist’s portfolios, music coverage, political updates as it pertains to the creative community, and much more. If you haven't done it yet, consider subscribing to the website - it's free for now!

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