Elan Vital Media | WK 66: Red, White, and Blue Everywhere She Goes.
WK 66: Red, White, and Blue Everywhere She Goes, a patriotic portraiture featuring Jen Webb and photographed by Dennis Schroader.
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WK 66: Red, White, and Blue Everywhere She Goes.

Red white and blue…… America the beautiful……..as in beautiful model. The American flag’s colors have a meaning; white for innocence, red for valor, and blue for vigilance. Drape these powerful colors on gorgeous model Jen Webb and it’s hard not to feel the American spirit. Here’s a collection of patriotic shots submitted by photographer and military veteran Dennis Schroader.


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When I saw the notice for this special edition of Elan Vital, I knew I wanted to offer a set of my work for possible publication. Why? Because I LOVE this country, the land of my birth, the land I served 24 years in defense of, the USA!


I was thrilled when I found Jen Webb. One look at her screamed Patriotism! Jen embodies it everywhere she goes! She is a Hair and Makeup Artist by trade who sometimes gets in front of the camera herself. Her red, white, and blue Do expresses her love of family and her country to everyone who sees her. To my eyes, she is a living, breathing expression of our nation’s flag.


Our shoot took advantage of one of the historic buildings in downtown Nashville, TN and incorporates symbols of our Constitution, our Flag, and Country Western heritage. I wanted to incorporate the Constitution because that is the foundation for the freedoms we enjoy here, the freedoms we must vigilantly defend, for ourselves and future generations. I used the coffee mug with the Constitution on it because it is an everyday reminder to me of that vital foundation.


I love our flag. I wanted the colors of our flag in every shot. Even in the shots of Jen in the red dress, the blue steaks in her hair and the white pearls kept that theme.


We live in Tennessee. Jen lives about an hour and a half from Nashville. My wife and I live only a half hour drive from downtown. To me, Nashville, the home of Country Music, is about as patriotic as you can be in the entertainment business, and Country music seems to be known around the world. So what better way to express that in the center of Nashville than to use some iconic symbols of Country? I added the Cowboy hat, the boots and the spurs.


I wanted to ensure that we included a real flag into the shoot. The shot with the flag has it being held by Jen, who has many family members who have served in the US Armed Forces, in not quite a triangle fold. I wanted this to represent those families who are at home while their loved ones are away and in harms way, but have not been asked, yet, to pay that ultimate price for freedom. Just as my family did during my 24 years in the Army, Jen holds the flag with pride, but also knowing the terrible price that could be asked. ~Dennis Schroader

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