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WK 68: Leeloo Lives

Portrayed here by model Ayla Sypersma, Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat (A.K.A “Leeloo”) is one of the supreme beings of the universe from the film The Fifth Element. She was sent to Earth in corporeal form to become the Fifth Element, the final piece of a powerful weapon to destroy the Great Evil.


“Multipass.” ―Leeloo’s iconic line


Leeloo is a Supreme Being of the universe. It is implied that there is more than one. Being genetically superior to humans and virtually flawless, Leeloo is a perfect specimen of human health and fitness.


Superhuman strength: Leeloo appears to have strength greater than what could be expected of an ordinary human, as she is observed punching through glass which was described as unbreakable.


Enhanced Durability: She also shows some degree of resilience to physical damage, as she falls from a great height through the metal roof of a cab with only minor lacerations to her body and face.


Enhanced Learning: Leeloo was able to learn English and 5,000 years of human history in just a few days.


Enhanced Agility: Leeloo seems to possess greater agility than a normal human as seen when she performed multiple back flips to dodge bullets, and flip in to an air vent.


Enhanced reflexes: She was able to dodge bullets with absolute ease.


Regenerative healing factor: When she was shot multiple times and gravely injured she was completely healed in less than an hour.


Elemental Channeling: Leeloo’s most pivotal power is the ability to unite the power of the four elemental stones to form the Divine Light. Because of this, she is described as the Fifth Element. The Divine Light is created through the combination of the four stones’ powers being channelled through Leeloo. It is the only weapon that can defeat the Great Evil, which appears to destroy Earth every 5,000 years.


Hand to Hand combat: She possesses exceptional hand to hand combat skills using her superior agility and strength to defeat a squad of highly skilled warriors with absolute ease single handed. (Photography by Hal Masover)


If you want to see more exciting Cosplay action, then be on the lookout for EVM Volume 2 Issue 5. Our Sci-Fi Cosplay issue to be released August 20.

Ayla is one of the nicest people I know, or maybe she is many of the nicest people I know. Ayla is a massage therapist by day and a Burlesque performer by evening. As a stage performer she has several aliases and as a dancer and actress she takes on even more roles.


And for my camera she was Leeloo from the 5th Element.
I have photographed two of her Burlesque troop’s shows and attended several practices. She is an amazing person. As director of a small troop she does almost everything. She helps choreograph the dance numbers, recruits and trains new members, trains additional helpers, contracts the theater, hires the lighting and music people and… whew! I’m getting tired typing all this.
And yet, at each show I have also seen her ready before everyone else, and out front greeting people at the ticket counter as they come in.


She gives special personal attention to each person she talks with and everyone loves and admires Ayla. Her co-performers all look to her for guidance and assistance and if any dissension or disgruntlement is ever expressed, it has not been around me. She conducts her troop with loving kind professionalism.
When I asked if she had any costumes that might work for a sci-fi shoot, she was immediately enthusiastic. No hesitation. She was all in. Where does all this energy come from?


And she showed up not only with exactly the right clothes, but exactly the right hair and makeup.


When I asked Ayla why she loves performing and modeling, here’s what she said. “I am a performer to the core of my soul. It is a deep need rooted in the second brain, a need to express my art in movement. I dance and perform for this passion. I model to remember that I am an individual that is both flawed, unique and beautiful.”


To shoot this I had a bit of a handicap. I don’t have access to a flying taxi or a spaceship or a cast of humanoid aliens. But I do have some pretty interesting locations. For this shoot, I used an old National Guard Armory building that is now being retrofitted to be a multi use building. It’s definitely NOT futuristic but I think it creates enough of a different environment, and really, I’m not sure it matters. Because Ayla is definitely Leeloo. Do you have any doubts? ~Hal Masover

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